Thursday, January 28, 2010


Dueling is an interesting thing in WoW. Many people use it as the be all and end all of skill. Those who do this are obviously that special kind of stupid, but anyways this isn't really my point. I really don't PvP like I used to. In classic and BC I would be pvping all the time World, BGs, and Arena. The whole I am awesome because I can stack 100000000 resilience basically put me off it. I still world pvp of course, but not because of the PvP mostly because of the whole Alliance vs Horde thing. I am after all a lore nut. For those of you hardcore PvP people saying "ARENA IS THE BIGGEST TEST OF SKILL THERE IS" I would agree with this if you were able to get such and such a rank not using the current gimmick of the season. I proved I could play to much and play well by being one of the first High Warlord's on Llane during classic WoW. Yes this required a lot of time playing, and yes many people who didn't play particularly well got it. I see this as the same people who get carried in arena in the current stage of the game. In BC I had a 2k+ raided team in every bracket every season. Yes I did play Druid/Warrior, Warrior/Shaman, but I also played Pally/Shaman/Warrior, Warlock/Warrior/Druid, and of course my famous Warrior/Shaman/Shaman/Shaman/Shaman. Point is I didn't play all the combos which made it easy. In wrath the whole resilience thing has been just stupid and I haven't even bothered. So I think this makes the point I know my case of what works and how to PvP a litte. So lets get back on topic.

Dueling. So now when I duel it is with n0 PvP gear. So basically I hit like a truck and go down like a sac of bricks, unless I got prot... Anyways, dueling is not like the old days when I would sit outside Orgrimmar just watching it all. People would walk by me look at my gear and keep walking. Every so often someone would duel me. I would stand up and it would be funny how people would crowd around and yell "SOMEONE DUELED GAUSS" it was pretty funny. Yesterday though as Murloc always does he had an interesting ideas. We dueled the old school naked boxing match, with the rule that I could shout and he could hex and bandage. It started out that way at least. This wasn't going at the speed to end in a timely manner to put it lightly, and we started to break our own rules. He equipped a hp5 trinket I started using enraged regen. He started dropping totems and I was using thunderclap. I then started fearing and bandaging and he equipped is lance. As did I, but only to realize it did as much damage as punching one another. I through on my shitty dagger in my off-hand with Main hand lance and I was slightly out dpsing his trinket. Only he would hex me then bandage. "This is going to take forever" we said at the 20 minute mark. That was when I through my caster dagger on and bladestormed him for more laughable damage. Ever see someone Bladestorm with a dagger? It really is something you should see at least once. After 14 banages and god knows what else he pulled out the ringer and dropped his fire elemental. 27 minutes! A duel which people would leave and come back and still saw us dueling. Was quite amusing. Epic duels for the win.

Remember 40 Shamans vs 40 Pallys? Another epic match. I also remember this time I watch 2 holy pallys duel for over an hour and it only ended because one had to log off. So many crazy duels I have seen over the years. Many funny ones in which someone ended up dying. So to connect it all, dueling isn't about schooling someone to prove you are better. It is about doing something epic which people are going to remember. No one is going to remember that time I dueled so and so and it ended before my Bladestorm finished. But everyone who watched the duel last night will remember it. Just think about it the next time you duel someone.


  1. That was awesome especially when you made crafted something for someone. "timeout gotta make a pretty robe"

  2. LOL wish i could have seen it.


  3. Well spoken, Gauss. Dueling should be fun and silly. It is a good way to help someone who would like to know how to handle, say, a rogue in BGs, learn some tricks. "Ah, so if a warlock does that, I could do this."

    SD's dueling nights include staged duels so lower levels can get the Duel-icious title. All duel losers have to jump off the bridge leading into Stormwind. We usually do a mass jump off at the end of the event, first mounted and then not. And we have a guild dueling champion both clothed and, um, unclothed.

    Loved the description of the two pallies going at it. I remember one of those; two ret pallied in my old BC guild; similar gear. We were going to attack XRoads and the GL finally called it a tie at 30 minutes so we could get going.

    I'll take you on, Gauss, no pet, no weapons, no armor. Wait, since that might be scary, I'll break out my green dress and chef's hat. I get extra points for being able to run UNDER you.