Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok so I have a good friend of mine looking for a new guild. Not going to say who because no point in stirring up trouble. Anyways, helping her find one to meet her times is hard enough, but then have you seen what questions some of these guilds ask in their applications? Three Score's application is pretty basic we ask the following things
  1. Toon Name
  2. Armory Link
  3. Profs and such
  4. Previous Raid experience
  5. Previous Guild

Basically from the way they answer this or just by their armory I can tell if I want to go further with the app. I am not into wasting peoples time by having them write a book for their application. If I am interested in the applicant then sure I will ask them why they are spec'd the way they are, why they went with specific gems, and even ask them about their life in general.

Some of the applications I have seen over the past few days have taken close to an hour to fill out. Is this really needed? Yes I understand you want to know the person you are inviting, I want the same exact thing, but is the written application the way to do it? Do you really want to read through the entire 3 page thing if you could see their experience and then be done with it. Yes people you invite into your guild environment is important, you don't want him or her to cause drama or any of that. Think of it this way when you have time to fill out an app you can also use it to work your way around the truth. When asked straight out there is a time frame of the response and you will get more honesty. Think about it, its hard to lie in a face to face interview so on vent or even whispers makes it much more revealing to what you are getting into. Of course this may take more time, but better results in my opinion.

So maybe I am tired of looking at these apps that is the equivalent of writing a short story, but I think there is merit to what I am talking about. Anyone have any views on this. be sure to let me know.


  1. Applications are just stupid to begin with this is a game not a job.

  2. applications are what Gauss said a chance to see if the person is worth taking on.

  3. SD has had an app since we went with a new server for the web site. But, if you read through the app, there are only a handful of questions that have any sort of relevance to what we actually need to know. It's mostly a way to poke fun at the whole application process. It also should say something about who we are. If you get bent out of shape and hate filling out the guild app (Come on. It's multiple choice.), you are most definately not going to like SD.

    I check all Armory links and check out where someone was prior to wanting to come to SD. As you say Gauss, the real test is in the actual interview.


  4. its good to know what you getting into as long as its not going overboard


  5. Nerd.

    Kidding, man! Don't Ret me! I hate long apps also, I am currently looking for a new guild as well... I hate filling out an app for a guild that ends up liking me, but not needing any more Rogues right now, or just flat doesn't reply.

  6. Boob shots are serious business and will get her into any guild!!!!!! A fact I am sure she is aware of!!