Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Fail At Pulling If...

Tuesday! Besides free loot it's Fail day and who doesn't love fail day? There should be a fail holiday when all the failures can get together and celebrate. Hell we can just combine that and national Ret Pally day. And now off to the races.

You Fail At Pulling If...
  • You don't have an amusing pull macro.
  • You attempt to pet pull and your pet ends up booking it because you haven't fed it.
  • You take an armor pot besides saying pull
  • You MD/ToT a healer
  • You pull during a ready check
  • Pulling causes you to DC
  • You realize after you pull you are in the wrong spec
  • You didn't eat the fish!
  • You pull two packs at once.
  • You pull during the explanation
  • You didn't wait for healers to be with you
  • The concept of LoS evades you
  • You want to attempt the boss with the hard mode "healers have no mana" option
  • You have no bullets
  • You feign death before the mobs aggro on anyone else
  • "So who is tanking" is the first words said after the pull

and I couldn't resist

  • You use Saronite Bombs...

That is it for project fail today. As always feel free to add your own. As always enjoy your Free Loot.


  1. "You use Saronite Bombs" ok that made me laugh


  2. Pets can run anyway?


  3. we have a hunter who also FD before they get to anyone and we always make fun of him.

  4. LOL at saronite bombs

  5. Saronite bombs...chuckle

    You fail if the tank says, "Please MD onto me" and you say, "Huh?"

    Loved the Pull and DC. With Llane the way it is right now, I have seen that way too often.