Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hallelujah Brother!

So since I did the list of my Favourite Machinima of real type movies the question of what were or is my favourite comedy? I have put it off because really there is only one that can make me laugh every single time. Olibith's Never Stay tuned videos especially the last one are beyond awesome. Below you will find the link to youtube, and here you can get the link which has some English subtitles.

So why do I think Never Stay Tuned 4 is that awesome? Well its simple. First off it is one of those channel surfing skits so it keeps your attention because it is always changing. I won't give anything away but Xenu, the guitar sale, House UD, gnome terrorists, and the lich king rick roll are some of my favourites. If you don't laugh at least a bunch of times I would have to ask what is wrong with you. I have to warn you it is around 19 minutes long so make sure you have the time to watch it. Also be sure to tell me what you think or of course argue that another video is better.

So remember today is the last day to get your excuses for leaving a guild into me. So Hallelujah Brother!


  1. ROFL Xenu is awesome, along with the gnome soliders.


  2. EVERYTHING FOR FREE SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!