Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Greatest Old Kingdom Run Ever

So with the random dungeon tool I have had my fair share of fun and games. Of course the whole Wally thing is just one of the funny things that has happened. Which is funny because that was in Old Kingdom as well. So I queue up yesterday and I get Old Kingdom. I don't like this really because of course there is the whole issue that I want to only do the bosses which are required and get out. I also don't like to argue with people who want badges and think that you get more for the time invested if you kill all the bosses. I am not even going to talk about this here because this was even beyond that.

Anyways, as I am heading down the steps this rogue asks if we can kill all the bosses and I tell him flat out no. Which was funny because he just said "ok" followed by "next time I am going to queue as the guide so I get to make the decisions". Who the hell listens to whoever is the guide anyway. We clear the first pack after the steps and I say lets go left. The pally tank goes right. I assumed he didn't hear me. So I said again "We are going left", to which he replies "No, we killing everything". Now we got into this argument and I said I only kill two bosses in this instance so you are welcome to kill the others without me. Him and this druid get on me about just sucking it up and killing them. The question really is whats the point. Of course they say badges. I of course get on them about being idiots. His comeback was "Your DPS probably sucks anyway we can do this without you". The rogue was then all happy apparently he needed the OK achieve to kill all the bosses. I of course couldn't resist this one. I was waiting at the top of the steps when the other druid and I start talking. "Don't worry I am not killing them all either". This was golden because now they can't kick either of us and he was the healer. The other druid gets all snappy that I have a new buddy at the top of the steps and says "screw this I can heal and we can 3 man it". They attempt the first boss and wipe horribly. It was rather amusing seeing the cursing and complaining. "Help us please", "We are going to wipe". When my new buddy says "You should have listened to Gauss". So they wipe and the tank and the druid quit saying I was a douchebag. The rogue sticks around and doesn't click the button to requeue. He wanted to act tough apparently. That was when Vinletsu logged on. Now Vin and I love doing heroics with one another because we enjoy poking fun at idiots.

Vin enters and asks who the rogue is. Druid respawns "one of the cry babies who wants to do all the bosses". My new druid friend, who I wish I could remember his name, switches to DPS and then the rogue says "You can kiss my ass" and leaves. Now you would think this would be the end of the fun. But you would be wrong! I requeue and we get a tank no idea what class and a shaman. So I tell them the coles notes version of what happened and said "we are going left". They agreed and we start clearing trash when Vin purposely uses the Levitate bug that crashes everyones WoW. We come back and I had no idea he used it. When everyone comes back and says "I crashed sorry". Vin explains what happened and says "see watch". When he does it again and crashes everyone. We come back again and the tank says "You all can screw off and leaves the group". So now we are at 4 people who left. I requeue and there is no tank so then I just start tanking the instance as DPS. We kill the trash on the way to the prince. When someone joins the group sees its OK and leaves. That would be 5. We get infront of the prince mind you I am tanking this in full DPS gear and spec. Pull him and go to town when another tank joins and ends up being the one bitten by the prince at the front of the instance. "WTF IS GOING ON" he screams and ends up dying, and nerd rage quits the group. That was the 6th person to leave.

We end up killing the prince and make our way to the end when this pally tank joins. The best part was he had 20k HP. Yes, 20k. We are clearing the trash and was taking him forever to get here so we pulled. We get to the first insanity kill the images then we all standing there looking at one another. Sadly him being so far away must have bugged everything. So he was closer and we pulled again thinking he might get close enough in time. Sadly no it bugged again. When we check the map and the guy is completely lost. So not only did this tank have 20k hp he didn't know where the hell to go. We had to direct him and when he got to web bridge, I pulled. He died and the noob pally ended up getting the speed kill achieve for basically doing nothing. And so ended the most epic Old Kingdom run ever. 6 people quit, someone got lost, bugged 2 bosses, 1 of them twice, and of course the most epic nerd rage around.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. That is the greatest thing I have read in a long time. ROFL

  2. ROFL you always have the crazy stuff happen

  3. How do you crash someone?


  4. That is funny as hell guy gets in the instance and dies LOL.