Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yet Another Special Person

So I had this slated for a couple days ago, but then the whole Ensidia thing happened and then Friday came, and well I had to push it to today. Which doesn't really matter to anyone besides the guy I told I would make his email the focus of a blog post. Have I mentioned I love hate mail?

Who do you think you are thinking people care wht you have to say? Is your ego that big that you feel you must give it room to grow everyday? Do you think anyone gives a shit what you think about pvp. The only test of skill in this game is in arena. We all know it takes no skill and all to push buttons standing in the same spot for 10 minutes. Ya I am uber awesome because I pve. Get a life. If you knew anything bout arena you wouldn't be saying this crap. Have you even stepped foot in an arena? Did someone kill you and you have to go and cry about it? Most of the people play this game to pvp it is what this game revolves around with it there wouldn't be wow. So before you go insulting everyone who plays this game think for a second. Or is that part of your head been taken over by your ego? Everyone knows you are just some idiot who spams trade and can't even play. Maybe if you did something besides that people would actually care what you have to say. Anyone who listens to anything you say is just as big of a moron as you are. If you ever want to be respected in this game do some arena and prove you are good otherwise you are just some idiot who talks like he thinks people give a crap what he has to say.

So I got this email after this weeks Ask Gauss blog. I expected to get a lot of these, this was by far the best one. I love how people insult you and prove that they know nothing. Yes the famous arena is awesome because in PvE you stand there and push buttons. There is one encounter in Wrath that anyone does that. Also this game was built on PvE and will always be the focus of the game. PvP is just a secondary thing its the Lore that keeps this game the way it is. I don't know the specifics, but I really doubt the number of people that do arena competitively is over 30%. In the post I said simply WoW has no balanced PvP option and this will always be the case, therefore it will never be a complete test of skill. Anyone who argues against that obviously doesn't know anything about PvP in WoW. Did I say arena players were awful? No. Did I say people who play arena sucked? No. I said PvP, which includes arena, in WoW isn't a true test of skill. I said PvE is because all conditions are the same for everyone. So bring on the hate I expected it, but be informed and try to argue against the points I made. Don't react to something that obviously went directly over your head. Enjoy your weekend all.


  1. I love people who are clueless its funny


  2. People really just don't understand what you said otherwise they wouldn't write things like this.

  3. They probably heard one thing or something about what you said and went off on you. Obviously didn't read it all or understand it