Friday, February 19, 2010

So Long

So its Friday and its time for you all to take the reins and make the post what it is. This week I asked for reasons or stories from yourself or others for leaving a guild. So let's here them

"The "Your Mom Is An Epic Mount" vent phonetic offended me."

More of a /gsuicide: "If you knew what Middle Eastern country I was from, you wouldn't talk to me this way."

"My grandmother is going to die soon, and I want to see the endgame before she does."

One time the guild master in an old guild was joking around and called a guy a clown. Somehow, the guy who got called a clown got offended and started complaining. He soon left with some blues from the g-bank. His reply to the guild was that "He wasn't going to play with people making fun of clowns"

Person who's not logged in for over a week suddenly logs in 15 or more minutes after a raid starts, doesn't get invited because it's long full, then gquits complaing that they never get in on raids.

In my horde guild- a healer left because we wouldn't help him get Lower City rep for his mace. He seemed to PvP a lot so we suggested that he should earn his Gladiator mace. He said he didn't want to because PvP items shouldn't be used for PvE. We told him that it didn't matter (we were working on Kara at the time) but he started to argue, and everyone started laughing at his argument because it was a huge upgrade and because he was DEMANDING people to run Slabs with him. He quit.

Guild Chat:
Player A: quit
Player A: quit
Player B: haha
Player A: MT
Player A: quit
Player A: Omg. MT
Player A: gquit
Player A Has left the guild
Player B: ROFL
Jenjenny: !

When I was a GM, I politely asked my guildies to not swear in guild chat. I didn't mind the occasional outburst, indeed it was appropriate at times, but excessive swearing just makes the person doing it look stupid. There was almost zero swearing in the guild chat. Then one day, this person /gquits. I /w her and asked why. She said, "Your guild is full of pottymouths." I asked her what the offensive word(s) was, and she replied, "C---, and D--g." (Crap and Dang) She said she had no desire to be in a guild with such foulmouthed people.
I /roflwaffled to that one.
Later on, my guild merged with her new guild. She quit a short time after. citing "Those people."

GM handed over title to Officer that was doing the most visible work. GM then stepped into Officer role instead. Two weeks later, old GM /gquits citing "lack of structure".

This guy is complaining a bunch all day about not getting into our raids(hes WAY too undergeared for what we wear doing and we already had more ppl than we needed) we would take him into the lower stuff on occasion but not on our high end runs. On this particualr day he was really upset about it and /gquits without telling anyone he is gonna do it. Later that day after he had been spamming IF looking for a guild obviously without luck he whispers the GL and says

Warrior 1- How come you gave that piece to Warrior 3?
Warrior 2 (MT)- Because the rest of the warriors, including you have equivalent or better...
Warrior 1- this is his first raid...
Warrior 2- no kidding... grats man... welcome to the dkp cesspool...
Warrior 3- /g quit
Guild- WTH??
Warrior 1 /g quit
Warlock 1- lol, he forgot to grab his loot before he left...
or perhaps this one
Warrior 1- What, why don't i get that piece
Warrior 2- Because he has more dkp...
Warrior 1- But thats an upgrade
Warrior 3- Wonder why i wanted it too....
Warrior 1- /g quit
Guild- will we ever have new warriors last longer than their first couple raids?
Warrior 4- Ding time to start raiding...

This one you just have to read
it here

And those are the reasons hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you have other stories tell them here or keep sending I would love to read them.


  1. That last one was amazing what an epic gquit


  2. that grandmother one was great. Could so picture someone doing that, which is pretty sad.

  3. A /gquit macro...

    I LOL'd at that one.


  4. some people are pretty special

  5. I love when people complain about the loot system in my guild when they knew it when they joined.

  6. Wow that last one was the greatest speech before a quit i have ever seen