Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Fail At Insulting Gauss If...

So it's Tuesday, meaning fail day. I know I am late and many of you have probably already been checking and wondering where the hell the post is. Well its up now so you can stop sending me crap wondering where it is. So here goes.

You Fail At Insulting Gauss If..
  • You think telling me you ignore me makes me cry
  • You are arguing I know nothing about gemming and yet you are a rogue who gems strength
  • You call me an idiot for posting bullets in stacks of 100s, but yet you bought them
  • You tell me I know nothing about raiding as a mage because 71 points in frost is a solid spec
  • You say I am 300lbs because I run a guild and have gear
  • After you have been telling anal jokes for 20minutes you tell me I know not funny
  • You say I know nothing about the math I post
  • You say I am I just a trade spamming idiot who will never get into a good guild
  • You insult my DPS when your gear score is higher than yours
  • You call me a noob for the daggers I know equipped
  • You tell me my gear is awful when I am wearing 9/9 twill
  • You spam your link for all your max profession and tell me I have no life
  • You say only morons will try to tank an instance as fury
  • You spell my name wrong while trying

and finally

  • You say my class is stupid easy to play and you're a ret pally.

That is it for fail Day. Free Loot Tuesday awaits!


  1. lol who is the idiot who always spamms his professions?


  2. LOL at ret pallys are hard to play

  3. Twill is awesome. That is all.