Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Wednesday everyone. It is time for Ask Gauss. This week I got a lot of interesting questions, including 3 marriage proposals, an ok to name a Dog after me, if someone showed up on my porch could they stay the night, along with others which are probably best not to be mentioned. Now as I find these quite amusing and I will always respond, the questions I will always include in this section have to be something to which I can talk about in some regard.

Do you find when people find out you play WoW or when they find out about how you are in WoW they treat you differently?

Well this is basically two questions. Most of my friends and family know I play WoW. Some of them think it is a waste of my time and I could be doing better things. Course I could, but I could also be watching TV or playing my Playstation. I find most people who complain about you playing WoW are the ones wasting there time doing the same thing they are complaining I am doing. Now this is if you are of the perception WoW is a waste of time. It is my leisure time. I have fun playing the game with people who also play the game. I am interacting with people and I am not mindlessly staring at a screen. I think many people who don't play think of it totally differently then those who do. Also I think everyone would agree if you try to explain it to someone who has an opinion already it would be like asking a ret pally to heal. You just aren't going to get through to them.

Now the second part of the question. Anyone who knows me knows I am always that guy trying to stir things up and take the lead on something. It is no surprise to them what I do this in a game I play as well. I have always been used to being a focal point so it isn't something I really adapt to when I am online, it is just the way I am. What I will say though is people who I have talked in game always say after being in a raid with me, grouped with, or just asking me something always say I was much different than what they expected. It is all about having fun and I will be me while doing it.

If you don't play alts how is it that you feel you can have the know how to help people of other classes?

This is correct I don't play alts. Well I have a 61 rogue and a 13 mage, but other than that nothing. So yes I haven't played another class in game, but that doesn't mean I don't understand how the class works. I have done a lot of research on all classes, specs, rotations, and all that fun stuff. Do I know more than everyone? Of course not. I talk with others around the WoW community to get the understanding of how things work. As always I may work something out on paper, but to find out if it's good in practice of course I have to talk to people that actually play. So I do have an opinion on how people should go about doing things and it is not me pulling things out of the air. If I suggest something to you it is not because I am being an ass and want to poke fun at you. I am doing it because I feel it would improve your character. Do you have to listen to me? Again of course not. Should you insult me and say I know nothing because I don't play the class? No, because you would be very mistaken. It is my goal to be able to understand everything I can. I am also sure you could ask all the people I have helped or tried to and they would have an opinion. What is that saying "Don't judge a book by its cover".

How goes the White Polar Bear?

Don't ask.

So that is it for this week. Keep sending what you have done to make raid. You have until Thursday to do so. Let there be no crazy lag today so we can actually manage a raid.


  1. A Dog named Gauss wouldn't a cow make more sense?


  2. I know how you feel about the polar bear I have been trying for a month now. I want it pretty bad now since it will match my gear really nice.

  3. you don't have to play a toon to understand how they work and what is best for them. The game isn't overly hard that someone couldn't pick it up quickly if they know what they are doing. The hard part is knowing what you are doing