Friday, February 5, 2010

Raiding is Fun

So it would be Friday which means I take a back seat while you all laugh or poke fun at what others have done. Today are the stories submitted about Raiding. Maybe it was an accidental pull, a wipe, or just something to be remembered. So let's get to it.

I used to play on a PvP server and we were competing with this guild for server firsts. So anyone not involved in the raid for the night was tasked with not allowing this alliance guild to make it to the instance. We would be camping the summoning stone and ready by the instance to kill any of them that came by. This was of course before you could summon inside and instance. Blizzard ruined all the fun. The best was our air crew which would be riding our flying mounts just outside of TK ready to knock people out of the air. They would fall to their death and be unable to rez without sickness. There was so much trash talk it was awesome.

Every time we used to do MC with new people who had never been or were too stupid to realize what we were telling them, we told them about the magic window. They would jump through the "window" behind Golemagg trying to port to Rag only to end up dying. Always made me laugh.

We had these two guys who absolutely hated each other in our guild. They would always be arguing and trying to one up each other. One of them was French and it used to make me piss my pants when he was mad. I always pictured the pink panther. So this one day in SSC he gets MC'd and the other guy kills him. He is so pissed he is screaming it all in French and no one understood what the hell he was saying, but it had to be the most epic QQ i have ever heard. That was until the next pull the other guy got MC'd and the French guy owned him. It was sweet justice the guy ended up quiting the guild and didn't log on for over a week. I guess the French can achieve victory at something...

We used to do Kara on Friday nights for badges and we all used to get absolutely plastered. Basically whenever someone died everyone had to take a shot unless it was yourself. So people would be trying to kill themselves to get others drunk. I remember this one prince kill where our tank was so drunk we ended up hearing him puke over vent. I will never forget that sound. It still gives me nightmares and makes me laugh every time.

I was in a For The Horde run with you and I swear I have never had anyone make me laugh as hard as you did that day. You were insulting and making fun anyone and everyone. It seemed like every 5 minutes was a new Ret Pally joke on queue. The whole don't run up the stairs unless you are retarded part was great. Especially when like 10 people ran up. I guess whatever gets you through it. That run is what got me reading this blog and anyone who hasn't had a chance to run with you, be ready to laugh your ass off.

There were these two friends in my guild one of our tanks and a healer. They were friends outside of the game as well and we all knew this. We were doing Voidreaver in Tempest Keep when our tank one of the friends kept dying. When we decided to look over the healing meters and notice that someone wasn't healing the tank at all. When the raid leader asked him why over vent he said something I won't soon forget. "I refuse to heal the fucker that slept with my wife". Vent went completely silent until the tank said "Not my fault you can't get it up and she has to go some where else". It was intense and so funny at the same time. I never expected to be part of a raid when something like this happened, but I will say it is a great story to tell.

So everyone knows there are some girls in this game that try to get what they want because well they are girls. So we had this one in our who would always get crap from anyone in the guild and out. I heard some crazy stories about whispers, emails, pictures, and anything else you could imagine. Must give her congrats she worked it well. That was until we found out that "she" was a "he". Bunch of the guildies had gotten facebook and used the email addresses from the site to locate people on there. When searching "her" email they found this 30 year old guy. Let's just say a lot of them felt really dirty.

So that's all the room I have for today. TGIF and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Why are there never ever any epic moments like this in my raids. Makes me a sad panda

  2. Ah, I remember the days of drunk MC runs during my time in 3S. Hearing Aka slur how much she hated gnomes always made me laugh.

  3. Sometimes people amaze me, but after hearing some of the stories people give you it amazes me even more.