Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lag You Say?

I know I am two days late talking about this, but I was lagging! Anyways, I don't know how the "lag" was on other servers, but it was bad enough on Llane that we had to cancel our ICC run after just two bosses. I really wasn't looking forward to the lag and how it would play out on the gunship. With everything that goes on during that encounter it just wasn't going to be pretty in my opinion. This sucks because this puts us behind progress wise for later in the week, but it was pretty unplayable. Here is just a few things which happened.
  • Taking 5 minutes to break up stacks of flasks and pots
  • 2 minutes for the fish feast to appear on the ground
  • an unheard of amount of time to master loot an item to someone
  • at least 5 minutes to accept the weekly quest
  • Not knowing you were standing in DnD until you were dead
  • When you got rezed you DC'd
  • Trade lag that made it appear people were porting accross the screen
  • Almost wiping on Deathwhisper(now that would have been embarrassing doing the weekly or not)

Those were just a few of them. This gets me wondering what actually happened and why it was going on. I am assuming during the maintenance something happened that we will never hear about. Maybe the hamsters died and there were no new ones at the pet store? For all I know they took away the limited attempts system on the end bosses of the wings in Icecrown Citadel. They removed the ability to collect the lovely charms in raids(so much for easy farming in Ulduar), and I assume they were also messing around with the Lich King encounter. I think we all know why on that one. Lately though Blizzard has been good about not letting people on the servers if there is something wrong that will really effect gameplay. This was obviously not the case. I really think they caved and just let people on. Now why? So we can play something that is unplayable and therefore complain about it? I guess the other argument is that people will complain about not being able to play. Did they let people on so they didn't have to give everyone a free day of play. I would say no because enough people will complain that we would get the free day anyway. I guess I would have to work there to understand their reasons, because for a company that has always been about their customer service something like this doesn't make sense to me.

Ok my rant is over, but be sure to tell me your opinion on the matter. Today is the last day to get what you have done to make a raid on time or actually attend. May you all get a love rocket.


  1. It was pretty stupid for us to. We didn't even bother trying ICC it was so bad.

  2. Well it took me 30min to load into Dalaran does that count?


  3. Where was that picture with the word help in the mountain taken?

  4. I prefer one day they the days it used to happen in the old days

  5. It was incredibly odd. I probably need more memory in my computer to conquer the lag. Ever since the patch that opened ICC, I've had more and more lag in more and more places. Tuesday, when I finally could log on, it was all gone. I ran through Stormwind without falling in the canal or hitting a tree or a bridge abutment.

    Sending or receiving mail was a joke. Putting anything up for auction was a joke. Trading with anyone was a joke. I thought maybe Bronzebeard didn't like me because I smelled nice when it took him 5 minutes to take my charm bracelet.

    Over the course of the evening, the lag I have grown used to returned as it evened out for others. We probably could have done the raid we had scheduled but, by the time things seemed to even out, it was too late for a number of our raiders.

    I think Llane's server is configured one of two ways. 1) We have a badger using a hamster wheel. The badger is new, the wheel is old. 2) We have a hamster using a badger wheel. the wheel is new, the hamster is old. In either case, one is not optimized for the other and there are no plans to get the right size wheel for the animal. Of course, we'd like a badger in a badger wheel but that would be like everyone getting a love rocket on the first run. Ain't a'gonna happen.

    At least I have some idea about how long it will take for my character to enter an instance and I can decide if I have time to get another Dr. Pepper.


  6. I still remember they "upgraded" all the older servers to new stuff.

    Still makes me wonder, if they just said that and never actually did?