Monday, February 8, 2010

So I got a lot of emails today and yesterday where the two new Screenshots on the blog are taken from. So since today was a pretty crazy day I figured I would use today to showcase my afternoon to find new screens to showcase on the site. I thank Tawnos for being my Photographer.
Taken in front of Grim batol. Was actually Tawnos' idea to go here first as he want to see the Old Azeroth places which won't be the same in the not too distant future.
I just like this shot because it seems as though I am thinking about charging someone and owning them. Taken near the entrance to Grim Batol. Again like the previous come Cataclysm this shot probably won't exist.
You may think this was actually hard to pull off, but it was actually quite simple. I think though if it was taken from below would have been better. Oh well I can show people this to say "hey I stood up there!"
Perfect screen here that I like a lot. Damn in the background. What you can't see if Tawnos almost falling off the waterfall to his death to get this shot. We both ended up dying eventually, but it was all worth it for the shot!
This mug is actually interesting there is a whole wowiki article on it and what the initials on it mean. Along with what actually may have happened at Newman's Landing. If you're interested I would suggest taking a look.
Lastly the outside shot of myself and Tawnos(on the right) with an outside shot of Newman's Landing.

The header picture is taken looking out on the Great Sea basically the opposite angel to this shot and of course the "help" picture is taken with Tawnos' Eagle eyes at the base of Grim Batol. Always love my screenshots and will be sure to always change it up. Enjoy the last day before reset.


  1. If I saw you. I would run.

  2. Where is that located?


  3. actually not the easiest place to get to. It is off the western coast of Dun Morogh. The way to get to it as far as I know is to swim around the coast. Sadly when people can fly all around Azeroth my little place will be discovered by a lot more people.