Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Fail

So this week looks like the week I will offend the most people. How fun! Well most of you know I am Canadian if you didn't well you do now. Before you ask yes I have a pet polar bear, I eat whale blubber 3 times daily, I have a summer igloo, and of course hockey is the greatest thing there is. Well maybe one of those is right. Now I am a sports fan. I'll watch football, but I am not a die hard follower. I save that for my Maple Leafs. GO LEAFS GO! To me though this game is like a development of a cult. I hear all about these parties that people go nuts for and their team isn't even playing. In the hockey world we would call you people traitors, or bandwagon jumpers. Anyways I have to relate this to WoW.

This is actually pretty simple because plenty of my guildmates are part of this cult and because of this there will not be a normally functioning raid this evening. It is like the silly American Thanksgiving except thank god this only lasts one day. So ya I am bitching because people wont be able to come to a raid because they are doing something, which only happens once a year. Why not let them you ask? I am but that doesn't stop me from bitching about it. So let's go on with my rant. It's even like the halftime show is like the greatest thing going on. Who cares it's just another reason for the companies trying to sell you crap. If you are one of these people count the damn ads. Why doesn't this piss you off? The whole thing is a giant commercial. Speaking of commercials they talk for months about the commercials why? Its so more people will watch them and they can charge the companies more money for the spots. Its like an Oprah show on drugs.

Back to WoW. Every damn year someone logs on to tell me or the guild everything that is going on like I give a crap. You can log on to tell me whats going on? If I cared I would be watching it. Then of course after the game is over there is the endless talk about why so and so won. Again, why must you continue with it. It would be easier to hand me a gun or just shoot me to get it over with. Then of course is the play by play breakdown. Everyone feels the need to tell you what happened since they think because you didn't see it you want to know. Then the talk that it was the best game ever played. I think my brain is bleeding thinking about it.

At least it only happens one day a year because that was too much already. Thanks for killing my Day on WoW. I really do appreciate it!

Next Friday's Reader post will be about what you have done to make a raid on time or stay for the raid. I missed "the game" tonight or will be.


  1. ROFL I miss this posts where you just go off on everyone or everything.


  2. I agree Gauss pissed off = awesome

  3. Every year(except this year) we go down to CT. To enjoy being with friends and having a good time. We usually have video game consoles, laptops(with wow playing), ect.
    (friends with on Durotan)

    Regardless if my team is playing or not. It is a pretty fun time. Only time of year I really look forward too.
    (Plus I can get drunk, and its in company of good friends)


  4. Well incase you didn't know the Saints won! Btw your new epic is amazing where did you take that?