Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ask Gauss

First off I would like to say this is the last "Ask Gauss" you will see on Wednesday. It will be moving to Sunday. I think it works better not having too many predetermined type posts on consecutive days. Gives me more space for random rants and the not have things have gone by too long before I post them. Therefore meaning it doesn't really apply anymore. So with that in mind let's get to this weeks questions.

Do you ever wish you could go back when no one knew who you were?

Honestly, I think ever since I started playing this game I tried to be as vocal and out there as much as I could. Now obviously at the start it is nothing like it is now. Really though it's fun when people recognize you. Of course the opposite is when people bug you. This is why I have some hideout spots where I am a little difficult to find. I enjoy talking to people, sharing my experiences, and of course poking fun at people like me who play this game. Of course since did the
piece the amount of people I deal with has grown tremendously, but its all fun. The guild gets many more apps than it used to. Not all good of course, but sometimes very humorous. So to give the straight out answer no. Even with all the craziness. the haters, and the average person just looking for help. It's one hell of a ride and I wouldn't want the car to slow down or stop.

We have heard all of these crazy stories that have happened to other people during raids anything funny ever happen during yours?

Well of course I will give you a couple.

First is the story of Novicane. Back in BWL the second boss know as Vaelastrasz the Corrupt was a boss that sat in the middle of the room. We started talking over strat and all the dos and donts of the encounter. Where to be and so on and so forth. It probably took close to 15 minutes to go through everything. When we were all by the door and no one had moved. When our buddy Novicane out of no where shoots the boss by accident the boss runs towards us and kills everyone within seconds. This sparked the phrase "I blame Novicane" and from that point on we blamed Novi for everything. What is even better is someone got it on tape. You can fast forward to the 2min mark of the Three Score 1 Year video here to see it.

Sadly for the second story I don't have a video and it is even better. We were in AQ40 in front of Huhu all getting ready to go in and pull. Did our ready check everyone, and everyone had what they needed when the go for pull was called. Krustie a hunter in the guild, who is still an active member, was going to pet pull the boss. He sent in his pet and it went running. The thing was it kept running, and running, and running. It took this opportunity to flee. Krustie hadn't been feeding him and as a result it took off on him during the pull. It was funny as hell. Now they have things in place so your pet runs away, but no one will ever forget when this happened.

If you controlled Silvermoon what would you do?

Burn it to the ground while watching it like a mad man from the outside.

That is it for this week. Remember to get your excuses or ones you have heard for leaving a guild. You have until tomorrow night to get them in.


  1. That video was awesome. I miss 40 man raids.

  2. I can picture Gauss outside fanning the flames sceaming like a maniac.


  3. I don't remember anyone not knowing who Gauss is

  4. It was always fun blaming Novi for everything that happened.
    Your auctions didn't sell? Blame Novi.
    Lost the roll on loot? Blame Novi.
    You accidentally pulled the boss? Still Novi's fault.

    I think I remember actually being in on that raid with Krusticles. Was really funny seing it happen lol