Friday, February 12, 2010

I Would Do Anything to Raid

So its Friday which means I have great fun going over all my in game mails, emails, tells, and every other which way people submit their weekly contributions. This week I asked people to tell me what they have done to make a raid. Meaning what were the biggest lengths you or someone you knew went to. Some of these are pure gold so enjoy.

So I was top DKP in my guild and I had been for weeks, but of course nothing I wanted ever dropped so I just kept on collecting. So this one Friday I was supposed to go to this night time shopping thing with my girlfriend, which was going to involve a lot of walking. I wasn't in the mood to go to it anyway plus I had a raid I was going to miss. That morning I purposely dropped a piece of a cinder block on my foot in an attempt to break my toe. You may call me an idiot but I got out of the whole shopping thing after spending most of the day in the hospital. I ended up breaking not only two of my toes but the growth plate on my foot. I had perfect raid attendance for 4 weeks and I ended up getting my t5 shoulders that night.

Back when I was playing my hunter in MC, I flaked out on a trip to New York for my wedding anniversary because I knew we were going to kill Rag that week. I don't feel guilty.

I let the air out of my wife's tires so she had to take my car out one night thinking she had a couple of flats. This got me out of helping my father in law install something and was able to attend my raid.

My girlfriend at the time was really into nature and one day she saw this ad for this butterfly conservatory or breeding place. I don't know what the hell it was. Anyways, they were doing this big event there one Saturday. I faked a fear of butterflies which I had to keep in check for the next year and a half while we were still together.

I was stuck in traffic and was going to be late for raid so I ended off pulling into this mall parking lot. Took out my laptop and ended up getting a wireless connection from the electronics store. I was in the parking lot for 3 hours playing in my car. I ended up being like 6+ hours late getting home, but hey I was on time for raid!

This wasn't a raid, but I think it applies. When Wrath came out I wanted to level quickly so I arranged with my girlfriend to celebrate our anniversary early so I didn't have an interruption in our leveling time. She agreed and I was able to level up without a problem.

I always book my classes for school and my work schedule around my raid times. I actually gave my boss my raid schedule and told him to work me in around it.

I missed the first date with who is now my wife because I canceled it because we were making grounds while pulling Kael. I knew the kill was going to happen that night and I didn't want to not be able to get my vial for Mount Hyjal. The best part was when I phoned her I tried to lie but she heard someone on vent and asked which boss we were doing. I said Kael and she told me we could do it another time.

I called my sister a taxi to pick her up from the airport so I wouldn't have to miss my Ulduar raid. She thought there was something seriously wrong and rushed over to find me on the computer.

I didn't know my game time ran out and all the stores were closed and I couldn't get another game card. So my buddy offered me his credit card if I did one thing. It was 10 below and he made me run outside completely naked besides my shoes and socks to the stop sign and back. The sad thing is I wish I was kidding, but I did it. Oh how addicted I am.

So that is it. I told you some of them were good. If yours didn't get posted I still read it and probably laughed at you so all is good. Enjoy your weekend and the Olympics start today GO CANADA GO!!!


  1. ROFL wow just wow. I hope I am never that crazy.


  2. i could see the cops catching that guy. "But I am going to be late for raid officer"

  3. Sad thing is, I can totally agree with every one of those :)

  4. that is why attunements are bad they support crazy people!

  5. Sister should have gotten her own ride home anyway