Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

So today is Valentines Day. The day we empty our pockets to make that special someone feel extra special. Or in WoW context waste all your gold for a completely unknown purpose. I could go on an write about how I hate this holiday and how it is completely commercial and basically serves no purpose besides to line peoples pockets. This would be the natural Gauss thing to do along with some how relating it to how ret pallys failing, Bagellord being horrible and of course how Wally is a tool. I would do that people would laugh, complain I went to far, and of course some would say not far enough. I would do this and everyone would be happy for the most part. I am not going to this though. Even with all of its faults this holiday is what it is. That person whoever they are really deserves that day so I am going to let them have it, even if it costs me. So I will give you something you can all sing to that special someone along with a pretty epic screenshot.

You're the one I love to be with
The one who feels so right
You're the one I think of when I wake
And dream of every night
You're the one who leaves me breathless
The one who makes me proud
You're the one who can both drive me mad
Or make me laugh out loud
You're the one who makes my heart beat fast
And when its said and done
There is no ifs or buts or maybes
Because baby you're the one.

Happy Valentines Day to my special someone and to everyone else, may it be everything you expect and more.

Next Friday's reader post will have to do with excuses you have heard for leaving a guild. I know there are some great ones so you have until Thursday night to get them in. I look forward to hearing them.


  1. Gauss has a sweet spot omg!

  2. That is a fucking pro screenie, man. Happy V-Day!

  3. woot happy V Day sir


  4. Happy Valentines sounds like you have everything covered