Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who Needs A Tank?

So after that epic Old Kingdom run on Friday where I ended up tanking the instance as fury. I came up with this idea. Well it was Vinletsu's and my idea. The goal to tank every heroic as fury. With the following rules.
  • Must be in full DPS gear
  • Must not taunt and be in zerker stance
  • No pots to add defence, hp etc

So those are the rules. Someone asked me today why I was doing this. The answer is simple why not? It makes it more difficult and like its own achievement. So when we started yesterday the first one we get was ToC. So much for starting out easy. Surprisingly it went pretty smooth no wipes or anything and set DPS records for almost all the fights. Which should be because, well there was no tank. Also doing this you get to poke fun at people for doing less damage then the "tank". I ended up doing Gundrak with Vin as well, which was funny because I pulled the first trash pack when he had just respec'd and had no mana. The first wipe. Other than that there was no problems and Vin actually said I took more damage on trash than on actually bosses.

Before you say it, I did end up pugging a couple and did the same thing. UP and Occ went without problems with pug healers. Later in the Day a guildie needed the daily and I got UK out of the way. So it has gone extremely well so far and I know there will be some crazy instances in the future which will make this insanely hard(HoR..). But I will keep this updated so here is the current list.

ToC, Gundrak, UP, Occ, UK.

Add: DTK, CoS, VH, Nexus, HoS, FoS, HoL, PoS, HoR(4/28)

Next Friday's post is going to be about people taking achievements too seriously. Send in your stories and tell me all about. As always you have until Thursday night to get them in. Canada vs USA tonight in hockey. Let's show them whose game they are playing Canada.


  1. Always doing the crazy things.


  2. How is that even possible don't you take insane amounts of dmg?

  3. Pretty sure HoR woud be impossible

  4. who knows i would have thought ToC would have been

  5. did OCC....


  6. Ya Syl and with a pug shaman healer. Did DTK and CoS today have to add them to the list.

    BTW you need to come back