Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Fail At Vent If...

Tuesday! I actually got this idea while talking to people on vent and just had to make it this weeks topic before I ended up forgot about it. I don't know how I couldn't have done thought to do this before. We all know vent is almost an essential source to WoW, so I am pretty sure you will know or relate to at least one of the things on this list. So sit back enjoy and laugh at everyone with me.

You Fail At Vent If...
  • You don't have vent or have to ask what it is
  • Your push to talk key is Alt and you are a Tab targeter
  • You leave your mic open while you are watching porn
  • You feel the need to eat chicken wings or slurp while on vent
  • You answer your binds not in binds
  • You your mic sounds like nails on a chalkboard
  • You require a translator because of your accent
  • Your mic is on top of your head
  • You run Vista and not running vent as Admin and wonder why your mic doesn't work
  • You break out into the song you are listening to without realizing everyone can hear you
  • You open your mic when people are talking to you as to make people believe you have friends
  • You play music for people by holding down your push to talk button
  • Your phonetic mispronounces your name
  • You still have the guy computer voice and not the woman
  • Everyone in vent knows your heart rate because we can hear you breathe
  • The first words you say when getting on vent is "Can I bring my DK"

and finally

  • No one can hear you because everyone has you muted

There we have it. The problem is I know way to many people that many of those apply to. Hopefully all of you can relate to my pain. Free Loot Tuesday hopefully the servers cooperate today.


  1. ROFL "you use alt as push to talk and tab target" I could just think of how bad this person would bitch. Use Ctrl!


  2. i can picture that guy going on an on and no one hearing him. Would be great

  3. funny story about "•You break out into the song you are listening to without realizing everyone can hear you". It was great because he was singing this rap song and he was as white as someone could be. We still give him a hard time.

  4. What is vent again :P


  5. that vent lady sounds hot imo

  6. I always forget my mic on my head :P

  7. We have the guy who, after being with us 18 months, still doesn't quite "get" guild humor. He comes on Vent and says, "Can anyone hear me?"

    Of course we all say, "No. Sorry. Can't hear you."

    Then he'll spend 3 or 4 minutes messing with his sound levels.