Saturday, February 13, 2010

WoW Olympic Sports

So the Vancouver Winter Olympics started yesterday and being Canadian as most of you know I am this is a pretty big deal for them to be at home. Everyone is talking about it even back here in Toronto. Now this really has nothing to do with WoW or at least not yet. I expect Blizzard to put something in like they did for the last Summer Olympics, but we will see. Getting in the Olympic mood I decided that I would think of some sports for a WoW Olympics.

This isn't going to be some ordinary list I am going to directly compare things in wow to the sport they would replace.

Ski Jumping: Everyone knows this sport is almost suicidal. So in WoW people will run out of the path in the Dalaran sewers and jump. Whoever goes the furthest wins, and living is a bonus.

Bobsled: The most important thing is having a track and we have the prefect one in Grizzly Hills at the lumber yard. I know you all have wanted to go on this ride for awhile.

Speed Skating: So what makes someone run faster? How about being chased from an angry mob. So for Horde the object will be to run one lap around Ironforge and see who can do it the quickest without dying. For Alliance they will have to do their lap in Undercity. Yes this is not on Ice, but give me a break.

Biathlon: Hunters only. Simple we place naked level ones of the opposite factions along a track and you must shoot them before moving on. To make it more exciting can even do it in towns or cities!

Figure Skating: So I was thinking how I could compare someone in WoW I could compare to figure skating when it hit me. Bubble Hearthing! Ah yes we will judge by presentation and technique. Of could if they are ret there will be plenty of crying while they are being judged.

That's all I have for now any others I will be sure to add. I hope you all enjoy the Olympics as for those non-Canadians I hope you enjoy the showcase of this country I live in. Bring on the hockey! Go CANADA GO!


  1. lol you just compared figure skating to bubble hearthing thats awesome.

  2. I heard they were/or going to add something for the winter olympics like a moose.

    I hope so!

  3. YES! I have been waiting with rapt anticipation Gauss' Olympics post and you didn't disappoint.

    What about curling or hockey? Would you use gnomes or is that a given? Undead skulls work too.

    I hear, too, Daro, there would be a pet released for these Olympics. Canadian WOW players would get something more special than the rest of us as I believe something else was released in Asia for Bejing.

    I would like a mini Red Green who, when my armor takes damage, pops up with rolls of duct tape to fix it.