Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ask Gauss

So the first Sunday edition of Ask Gauss. First off today is a pretty intense day, got a crazy hockey game in a little over an hour that some of you might know something about. Nothing really to do with WoW besides the trash talking I have had with all my temporary American enemies. Anyways, let's get to what you all came here to read.

What is your thoughts on 10 man ICC for a 25 man raiding guild?

Well this is pretty easy. My guild Three Score is a 25 man raiding guild. I set aside one day of raiding to do 10 mans. I don't do this for gear or badges. I do this so people can see the encounters and learn from them. This way when we do them on 25 man mode people have seen them and know what to expect, rather than just reading a strat or listening to me going on and on about what to do. To achieve this goal I form three 10 mans a week. It is very important not to stack one group for success and then put leftovers in another. I make these groups so that every group has the required raid buffs and everything else for a successful raid. If I can't make three good groups one week I will settle for two. No point stretching to extremes to leave no chance for success. Think again of the purpose to see the content for the most number of people possible so your 25 man raid is better prepared. If you keep that as your focus then all will be good.

Since you use a loot council how do your choices work between tanks, healers, and DPS?

I can't always say that we always favour any one particular type of raider. I will say I am aware what is coming up and prepare for that accordingly. I don't like giving gear to people who have hit a plateau and it won't seem to help the raid as it would to someone else. I am always looking for the best possible result to improve the raid and make us successful. One of my raiders has a saying "it's not personal, it's raiding" I would say this is a great way to loot at loot distribution. You will never make everyone happy, but if you make the raid happy by making them more successful by killing more bosses they will thank you.

Your choice for the Gold Medal game?


That is it for Ask Gauss this week. Not Friday's Reader's Post will be about the interesting spots you have found in WoW. Feel free to include screenshots to go with your stories and I will gladly include those as well.


  1. Going down Canada USA FTW

  2. Betting against Canada in hockey is like not eating its just stupid

  3. Awesome sauce. Canada wins.