Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blood Elf Warriors....Why?

So with the news of this being able to take place in the new expansion I was let me say not pleased. Warriors get their hands dirty and blood elves are afraid they will break a nail or mess up their hair. So in only a way I could do I have been thinking how we can separate these warriors from the rest.

  • The Stances will be renamed: Battle Stance will be Fancy Stance, Defensive Stance will be Metro Stance, and Berserker Stance will be PMS Stance

  • Instead of rage they will go off a mechanic known as Pretty Points where they will get these by doing actions and looking pretty while doing it.

Besides this many Abilities are in the process of being renamed for Blood Elves here are a few of them

  • Devastate becomes Girly Slash
  • Charge will become Skip this will also change the name of the Juggernaut talent to "Skip to My Loo"
  • Intercept changes to Frolic
  • Intervene is now hug
  • Spell Reflect won't be able to be used since they will be too busy looking at themselves
  • Bladestorm will be changed to "the Waltz" this will also include a new animation
  • Berserker rage switch to "Time of the Month"
  • Pummel is now Bitch Slap
  • Heroic Throw changes to Sissy Throw
  • Anytime you taunt you emote "Those Pants Make Your Ass look Big"
  • Vigilance is now "Gay Pride"
  • Shockwave animation is now achieved when the warrior flips his hair in the wind
  • Bloodrage is no longer a use ability it happens when the warrior breaks a nail.

That is all I got for now, but I am sure people will have many more to add to the list. As will I if I come up with anything new.


  1. "Shockwave animation is now achieved when the warrior flips his hair in the wind"
    ROFL ok I will admit i spit out my drink


  2. LOL skip to my loo. That sir was awesome

  3. flips his hair in the wind very good you can always make me laugh


  4. God im so happy you finally put these up, a good laugh and more stuff to rip on flower faggots(blood elfs) in trade chat! Death to the Living!

  5. I'll admit spell reflect was pretty funny. I am laughing just thinking about the voice saying "not enough pretty points"

  6. why am I picturing hundreds of pvp videos wtih blood elf warriors with the song Loo Loo Skip to my Loo playing in the background. It is scaring me already