Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Fail at Being a Guild Master If...

So I thought it was time to bring back every ones favourite you fail at ____ if.. So I will take this from my own page and do it about a Guild Master.

  • If you use the basic rank names. Be original you idiot!
  • You don't have a Tabard. Included in this is if when advertising your guild one of its major accomplishments is you have a tabard.
  • You don't have a 5 tab guild bank. Come on you cheap ass give something back you useless tool
  • You don't have a /gremove macro to kick people for random laughs
  • You don't see the point in allowing random conversations occur through public notes.
  • You become a puppet to your officer. This is WoW and not the US "run" by Bush.
  • You're Emo and want everyone to be your Dr. Phil. Grow a pair and do your job. Emo people only deserve one rank "tickle me Emo"
  • You have a stupid guild name. And by stupid I mean when people walk by you they look at you like you are a moron.
  • You recruit through the trade channel. This screams completely full of fail.
  • Your intellectual capacity is comparable to that of Bagellord
  • You put your birthday on the calendar in hope that people will care. Sorry you have no friends live with it or go die in a fire.
  • Your motivational speeches involve phrases such as "SUCK LESS", "OMG KILL IT", "50 DKP MINUS"
  • Your name is a sentence. This is fail for anyone, but I just thought of this now so had to throw it in.
  • Your Guild Message of the Day is like your personal ad
  • Your Mom is a member
  • You have no website
  • Your progression mentions your ability to clear Naxx
  • Your Guild Info Tab lists your real life hopes and dreams. One of these being "moving out of my mom's basement"

And of Course

  • You are a Ret Pally

Ya ya bring the bitching!


  1. LOL your mom is a member

  2. How about Blood elves having thier own guild... thats complete fail. Or just having blood elves in your guild. Death to the Living!

  3. Bagellord is looking for sigs for a guild right now ROFL

  4. moving out of my mom's basement LOL classic

  5. Come on like having a tabard says your l33tsauce what you talking about