Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Fail at Trade Spam if...

First off I didn't expect the massive amount of replies I got especially having my email jammed enough to make me think I was seeing things. I may have to give myself more than just till Friday to sort through them all, but I will try my best to get it out by then.

So now for every one's favourite type of post the fail ones

You fail at trade spam if...
  • People continue to talk about whatever they were talking about. Meaning you failed to change the subject.
  • Your advertising messages are dull an boring and offer nothing to say ah that is that guy again. Offer a cupcake or say "Death to the Living" like two guys I know.
  • It is guild recruitment spam. This is very fail you should talk to Bagellord so that you can go from full of fail to epic fail. I am sure he would be glad to help you out. He's famous didn't you know?
  • You're a ret pally spamming you are looking for a group. Do us a favour respec, reroll or kill yourself. Whichever is the quickest
  • You insist on being run through a low level instance. So much so that I can only see your crap for the last 10 lines. You have proved you fail, and I would think this may be a the reason you need a run through in the first place.
  • Your name is retarded. I just am unable to get past this, and will only be thinking of ways to make fun of you further. This is especially bad if I was actually interested in what you were saying or doing.
  • You try to use raid icons. This becomes epic fail when you keep trying or ask why they aren't working. Or say "it really does look cool when it works". If I saw you I would /point /laugh
  • You tried to be awesome and draw a picture except it doesn't line up and you look like a moron. So you wasted your time and looked like a dumbass. Congrats to you!
  • Your in a guild called [Premade] looking for people for a premade. This just always makes me /faceplam
  • You have been trying to sell an item for 20minutes I offer to buy it from you so you will just shut up, and you tell me to hold on while you figure out how much to sell it for. You really are that Special kind of stupid
  • You're looking for a group for Naxx. Like honestly who does Naxx? Don't waste my chat screen with this crap.
  • You're a gold farmer who can actually spell. Like wtf the only reason I read you ads is because I love reading them over and over because its funny to make fun of people who don't speak English well. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
  • You are trying to make a For the Horde group. Honestly who is going to go with you? Like really? Go hang out with Bagellord.
  • You are a level 8 spamming asking for respect money. At least if you're going to beg don't do it in trade and like of a much better excuse.
  • You think you won an argument and talk about how you won the Internet for 20 minutes. Too bad you didn't and everyone is laughing at you will you are celebrating. Think about it this way. If you win in the special Olympics guess what you're still retarded.

and lastly and most importantly

  • It's not Pi

and so it was written. Till tomorrow!


  1. I would have to agree on the gold farmers that is the best part of their ads when they make no sense.


  2. Pi really is the only accepted form of spam so much so that it is not even spam it is like a daily event


  3. Hells ballin yea guys, Uncle Thrall wants YOU to join the fight for Wintergrasp! Death to the Living! For the Forsaken, For the Immortal Legion! Ty gauss :)

  4. I saw someone trying to make a FTH yesterday such fail

  5. Pi Crits Trade daily