Friday, October 23, 2009

Etiquette After KIlling Someone

So in WoW there are not rules by a way to properly deal with someone after you kill them. There is no disrespect among players and therefore these should be followed so that you may set a proper example.

/point, /laugh, /violin, /Facpalm: Using these after owning someone shows them not only did you think they were absolutely horrible, but that you enjoyed killing them more than they ever will know. Some might think this would be rude, but jsut tell them you are following Gauss' rules

Dancing on Corpse: Common practice used to stretch out ones extremities after the exhausting effort of killing someone. The person you do this to will appreciate the gesture since it will show them killing them was a difficult feat.

Spit on them: The person you killed will appreciate you trying to polish their armor that way when they are put in their casket they will look more presentable. Good on you!

The Teabag: Some think this is a sign of disrespect but in most cultures this is a ancient sign of respect among combatants. There you should take bring in someone giving you this honor.

Piercing you with a Banner: This marks you as a worth opponent so that you are recognized for all to see that you have fallen.

Corpse Camp You: This is done because they believe you will come back to live another day and want to be there to greet you for achieving such a feat. They also Believe you are unkillable so they will most likely try to do so again and again to prove they cannot keep you dead.

Logging on other Faction and Bragging: This guys is a douche. That is all.

Old school raids tomorrow night after 9 sometime. If your interested be on around that time and look for the start of them. Cya all then


  1. i like dancing on corpses

  2. ROFL at Teabag that was awesome

  3. Im sry gauss, but theres one you forgot. Us undead do one thing and do it quite well.And that is to eat your corpse , not just one of us, every undead that comes across your body. Or roll to see who gets to eat the body. Death to the Living!