Sunday, October 18, 2009

OMG It's Bagellord!!!!

So I went to Brill expecting the start of the Hallows End holiday. That is when I am on my way there someone tells me that none other than our special friend Bagellord is chilling there. As always when I go somewhere people tend to crowd around. Good thing personal space doesn't exist in WoW otherwise this would have been pretty invasive.

Anyways I stood right in front of Bagellord and of course when I pointed at him everyone went nuts. "OMG ITS BAGELLORD!!" along with the standard /cheer , /gasp, /facepalm and all of the emotes you would expect. When of course I had to ask him "So how do you like being famous?" being clueless he responded "I am Famous?" Apparently he was as quick as he ever was.

Brill ended up getting pretty busy awaiting the Headless Horseman, and everyone who came Bagellord seemed to be proud telling everyone he was famous. I am not sure he has read anything I have written about him, but either way he seemed pretty excited with all the attention he was getting. Isn't it great how I could make some one's day like that? Who cares if he didn't know it was a more laughing at him then with him kinda thing if he is completely clueless about it what does it matter?

So here is to you Bagellord a God among noobs and a possible punch line to every joke. At a time like this there is only one thing to do really. In honor of Bagellord here it is my first tribute video


  1. I was there to see Bagellord he loved all the attention. and btw I hate you for making me click on that

  2. ROFL I wonder how many you have got

  3. I got rolled


  4. Wow I never expected to get rick rolled lol