Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reputation Feedback

So today's post is completed after days reading emails, comments on here, and things I received in game. So once again thank you all for the response good or bad. I was going to attach peoples names, but I was unsure if I should have or not. And since I promised this post today I don't have time to get every persons permission. So claim them if you want. So here they are

Honestly Gauss I have never seen someone so committed to success as yourself. Sure you push people give them a hard time, but you get the most out of everyone. And of course its never a dull moment in WoW when Gauss is around.

Best Raid Leader hands down.

Anyone who can get things done with a bunch of noobs deserves plenty of credit.

I always wondered why you always got so much respect for a countless amount of players. I really thought you were just a guy who was full of himself. This was until I went on a raid with you. You sir know what you're doing and the respect you are given is well deserved.

I didn't know much about you besides the whole Pi thing. But you got me my war bear when you had nothing to gain. People might think you are an ass, but the time you commit to people for random things cannot be ignored.

You treat people like crap, because you think you are better than them. Grow up.

Anyone who can keep a guild together and keep it at the level you do for as long as you have has earned my respect. If I could ever find the time I would want to be in your guild in a flash

Gauss by far the best raid leader I have ever ran with. Informative direct and you get things done. You are seen as the best for a reason

Great player and a great guy. Tough on the outside, but I think people that really play with you know that you just like anyone else plays this game for fun.

Maybe if you weren't such an ass people might think better of you

Gauss, you spend more time and effort on this blog than you do your guild. You post lie after lie just to make yourself look good. You are nothing but a joke entertaining 10 year old kids. Your guild is barely getting by with your leadership, grow the fuck up. If you put this type of focus in on your own guild you would'nt have people quitting left and right.

People can say what they want about you. The best thing is no matter what you will keep doing what you are doing because that's who you are. Their is nothing like someone who doesn't let other people change who he is

Knowing Gauss for a long time on this game i can say he has never lied about anything. I actually wish I could have the time to join Three Score again because Gauss is probably the best guild leader and player I have ever played with. Anyone and I mean anyone would be lucky to have a GM such as Gauss who puts the time in to making sure his guild is what it is.

Anyone who has been as lucky as me to have Gauss as a GM should know his commitment to make this game a better experience for all his guildmates. The "Gauss for Prez" comment just doesn't come out of no where.

Pi for Life Gauss will live forever.

This server and this game wouldn't be the same without you Gauss. No matter how many haters there are they also know that this is the case.

Just grow up do you really think anyone gives a crap about what you say or do?

Gauss by far the best raid leader I have ever ran with. Informative direct and you get things done. You are seen as the best for a reason

Anyone who has not had the opportunity to do something in this game without you Gauss is missing out. The best times I have ever had in this game have been when I was doing something with you. Be it that time we swam around Kalimdor for no apparent reason or owning alliance in their own cities.

AoG will live on forever even if it doesn't exist. There is no one else capable of doing what you do. Maybe you know this and take it to heart and exploit it, but you will always be the guy who can do pretty much anything on this game.

You're horrible and you think you are really something. How sad. Maybe you and your fail guild could actually do something worth while then you would have something to be proud of.

you know my opinion on you Gauss. Love raiding with you, whether it be 25 guildies, or 40 clueless randoms from trade. No matter what, you always make this game more fun that what it has become, and inside the guild, I couldn't imagine a nicer person to be led by. Maybe too nice sometimes, with letting somethings get by that probably shouldn't,but overall, I've loved every minute I've spent in 3S and look forward to being there till the end of my wow career or wow all together(which ever comes first)

Gauss has forgotten more about this game than many of us have ever known. He can be an ass sometimes, but it is all in good fun. But you know this is a game so isn't that the point, to have fun?

Keep kicking ass and taking names while doing it. Best player I have ever known, and I have been playing this game a long time.

Hey Gauss anyone who says bad things obviously doesn't know anything. You are respected because you know what you are doing. You also give up your time to run people through things you have done countless times and you make it fun. The best times I have had in WoW are when I have been in a raid with you. Always good times.

Gotta love people who think they are really something like yourself. You think because a random bunch of nobodies treat you like their god that makes you special? Grats on being the king of the 15 year olds.

Gauss, your the guy that starts my wintergrasp trade chat, I thank you. A dick true... but who isnt? You got good ideas and a way to say them. Death to the Living!

Gauss Nation for life. WoW just wouldn't be the same without you.

I really think people don't realize how much you may have accomplished in this game. You run a successful raiding guild. You can keep a bunch of mindless fools together and get them to work as a unit. I think if people were to really step back and think about everything it they would be pretty hard pressed to find someone else who could have done everything you have.

When WoW ends people who played will look back and realize everything which went on during all the years they have played this game. They will remember the name Gauss. This in itself I think quantifies the impact you have had.

I used to be a hater till I got to know you a bit. I think everyone should do the same. You are a cool guy even with the pi spam.

I can't believe I am emailing a guy about his reputation on a video game. Gauss what have you done. You can really make someone do anything can't you lol. Anyways, you're awesome, and I think you know it. To all the haters you have I think they are just jealous.

I would be interested if their is a "Gauss" on every server. My guess is no youre one of a kind and make this game what it is. Keep doing what you are doing.

So i obviously couldn't post them all. Some of them were the same so I tried to get some variety on them. Again thank you all for the feedback. At least know if someone ask me I have something to directly point them towards. Thank you all for making the Gauss Nation what it has become.


  1. Awesome you posted mine lol

  2. And look at that he even posted negative ones very good Gauss. Wish i could be part of your guild

  3. how many did you actually get??