Saturday, October 24, 2009

So Apparently...

So I did as I always do when I turn on my computer. I log in and I check my email and after scrolling through all the ones that I didn't plan on answering or didn't feel like going head on in and reading at the time I saw I had a couple emails from Blizzard. And we all those these are exciting. But first before I get to that lets give a little background.

So on Thursday night I was just chilling doing whatever. Doing nothing really productive except dealing with some guild stuff. When I logged on one of my gold toons. This was weird in the first place because I leave my Gold toons in the middle of no where dead without hearthstones so that way if I ever get hacked no farmer is going to put up with that. Yes I am a little paranoid, but whatever. Anyways, getting on with it I notice he is in Orgrimmar and alive which makes no sense at all. I was kinda concerned, but logged on him when I got a WoW critical error. Don't you love those? So I logged back in and tried to get on him again when it happened again. Oh how much fun was that. So now I am getting pretty pissed off logged in again and went on another of my gold toons. When I get the critical error again. I then kept trying pretty much all my bank toons and kept getting the same thing. Interesting enough I didn't try to log on Gauss.

So I figured I would run the repair, but then when I had already started it someone suggested to just reboot it might work. So i canceled the repair(this is a bad idea) and rebooted and then WoW wouldn't even load. How awesome! So I am on vent pretty much wondering what the hell is going on. Someone was then nice enough to submit a ticket basically i was thinking my toon being in Orgrimmar might have started this whole thing, and plus I was running the repair(and actually not stopping it) while waiting for them to answer the ticket.

Ticket got answered and they said they were going to investigate my account to see if it had been compromised. I didn't think my account was hacked, but whatever they were at least doing something. When the repair finally finished WoW worked! So I tried to log in and it said my account was being investigated. I went to the link which was provided and it said this could take up to 8 hours. Well I guess this was a good time to go to sleep.

So I log on yesterday and not all my toons were available especially the ones I wanted. So I called blizzard and spoke to two people who obviously didn't speak English very well. Nothing like trying to get help when you have to say "what", "sorry", "pardon", and "excuse me" like every 15 seconds. They were not helpful and told me it takes time for a restore. O joy more waiting! So throughout the day I got them all back besides a couple of course these were my gold toons. So the talk about Blizzard trying to steal my gold as a joke just wasn't funny.

This brings me to today, and seeing the emails. Apparently they think I may be a gold farmer, and I am now under investigation for such reasons. Did I come to you people because I had a problem and now your turning it on me? Like come on. This is just stupid. So they gave me the toons back but they cannot interact in any way. So no talking, mailing, trading, and all that jazz. How wonderful. here was the best line of the email

Please keep in mind that, due to the nature and complexity of these investigations, it may take several days for us to contact you with the findings of our investigation. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter and apologize for any ensuing delay.

So your apologizing because your messing with me for no reason? Yes this makes different sense. Oh and you wanna know the best part of this whole ordeal. Couple hours later I get this email

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment Support. We hope that the information that was provided to you was helpful in resolving your issue. Customer satisfaction is a top priority here at Blizzard Entertainment, and we would like your feedback on the level of service you have received. Your response would be very much appreciated.

Are you serious? Lets just say I am pretty pissed right now so I pity anyone who pushes my buttons today. So the For The Horde and Old School raids might be pretty fun today


  1. LOL that is awesome they wanted a nice response from you. Wow I mean just wow.


  2. I always knew you were a gold farmer! jk that really sucks man

  3. Simply, Fuck that