Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today is a Good Day to Complain

So I have been wanting to do this for awhile but then I always have had something else to write about so I kept putting it off. But today after all is a good day to complain.

  • So we all love our Halloween Brooms and of course I do as well. The awesomeness of a Cow on a broom is beyond words. But of course I have found a problem. When you are in Dalaran it is treated as a land mount obviously, but when you get on the landing it should change to a dam flying mount. It doesn't so you have to dismount and remount again. Like come on wtf fix this.

  • Why does blizzard insist on making us covert our badges down each rank. This is just stupid. I want to use my conquests to get a god dam gem. I don't want to convert them to valor then to heroism so I am finally able to buy it. Let us convert to all lower ranks from each rank. This could save 30 seconds of my life every time I get a badge.

  • Fireworks stack in 5. This is just stupid and needs to be fixed. Fixed like Bagellord's mother should have been before he was born.

  • Why is my backpack only 16 slots. Like honestly this was too small 5 years ago and its still the dam same. But hey we got a free penguin pet for converting our accounts.

  • When I am disenchanting something and someone trades with me. It cancels it, WHY! This happens with no other dam profession. I would prefer to start trading guildies back their crap while disenchanting so I can get some spare bag space. Like come on this is stupid.

  • There is STILL no horde flight path in western plaguelands. STILL! You can put like 400 mailboxes in Dalaran but still cannot add a stupid flight path here. This is enough to make me want to go outside and kill some kittens. If only I wasn't busy walking to WP from UC.

  • Speaking of UC we can mount here. Thank you Blizzard. Oh but wait my Tauren Brothers and I can't fit through the dam archways while mounted because we are too big. Can we please fix this problem so we can actually mount where we can mount. This is probably a problem in that hell hole know as Silvermoon but hey I never go there so I can't complain.

  • So I have all these tabards and extra gear that just sits in my bank and bags. Blizzard you give us all these RP items to have fun with, but then we have no places to put them because our banks are too small. Give us closest kind of on the same idea as the keyring. This would make me happy.

  • You know sometimes my legs get tired standing around and there is no bench in sight. So why not a portable chair. So then when waiting for that retard who doesn't have a flight path or no clue how to accept a summon I can chill in my chair and not on the ground. Make it Happen!

  • We have armory to check peoples gear and achievements to know what they have done. So let's extend this by having a place to check peoples WoW Intelligence. I honestly want to know if this tool has died in a fire.

  • So with Cooking you realized it took way too long. I applaud you on this. So like cooking why not give us something like the hate to speed up the crafting process. My ideas are as follows: Sewing Machine for Tailors, Co-op Student for Engineers, Welding torch for Blacksmiths, polishing cloth for Jewlcrafters, Utility Knife fro Leather workers, and a hit of Speed for a Alchemist.

That is all I got on my mind for now. I am sure if I was a ret pally I could go on for days with much ease., but alas I am not.


  1. I hope Bagellord's mom is at least fixed now lol

  2. Sewing machine.... I can see you and your fat tauren ass sitting at this Gauss.


  3. How about more race based items? Why is it that all the races do exactly the same? why not rename the medallion of the horde for the individuels race. Thier should be more race oriented items!Death to the Living!

  4. Shift-click while exchanging emblems ;)