Saturday, October 10, 2009

People Trying and Yet Failing

So here I am quite hung over and pissed off because of it. So I will use this to bitch about something which has been bugging me lately. It seems the popularity of this Blog is growing very quickly getting 1000+ hits a day from WoW people all alike. I get plenty of emails on topics I should do and asking if I remember people who I grouped with 4 years ago. This is all well and good and its great to get feedback to know people either enjoy or dislike what I have written. Yes I enjoy all the hate mail too knowing how people can take offense to simple jokes. Anyways all this I am cool with so keep it coming its this other form that people do to try to get my attention that kinda bugs me.

So it appears to be this new thing that people want to be the next topic on my blog. It seems Bagellord enjoys the fame I have given him and others want the same. These people are trying the most retarded things in order to get me to notice. I had one guy follow me around wherever I went for an entire night. The last thing I need is a WoW stalker. Someone else decided to whisper me spelling words up and down instead of left and right. Then get the random person screaming and yelling at me like trying to get me to react to them.

So I like how people want to play a part, but this just isn't the way to do it. Yes some of it is funny and maybe its stupid for me to complain about this, because it is peoples interest in what I am doing which is causing them to do so. Just give me an idea, and like always I will give you the props for it. Just don't act like a complete moron just to get noticed its stupid and just not worth it.

Contribute, interact, and tell me you like my posts in game. Just don't do this its gotten beyond getting on my nerves.

Old School raids tonight starting sometime after 9 by there and ready if you wanna join up. We will do all that we can in the set amount of time. Cya all then


  1. Sorry to hear you're having to deal with that kind of stupidity. I know I'd hate having someone follow me around the way you described. Unfortunately, it's the price you wind up paying for the fame (or infamy, depending on who you ask I guess) you've attained. Hopefully people will be able to show you some respect and give you some personal space while still being helpful with suggestions, etc. GL.

  2. Wow some people have issues