Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's Make City Raids Better

So everyone who knows me knows that I enjoy doing For The Horde runs. Ya it all started because I wanted to get everyone on the Horde side their Black War Bear, but now it is like the thing to do. This past weekend though at the end of each run I took the raid around and totally massacred Ironforge. Killing all the NPCs and any players who decided to attack us.

This has got me thinking about what Blizzard could add to the game to make these city raids occur more, and give people a reason to do them besides achievements. Besides even people who ahte PvP love a good ass kicking. Like yesterday for example when were owning everyone in site in Ironforge in from of the Bank and the Auction house corpses were everywhere, but when I finally went down, and I will say it seemed to take them forever I actually enjoyed how I was instantly teabagged to no end by the mass of alliance not to mention spiked with quite a number of banners. This is why these raids are fun I want the alliance to hate me with a passion. So to all you alliance yesterday I am glad my death made your day. I will be sure to pay you all back next weekend.

Getting back on topic. So Kùsh and I were talking as I was running back to my corpse yesterday and were discussing things which could be added to city raids to make them have a pretty epic feel and of course for them to occur more often.

Recording Leader Kills: They record everything else so I am quite surprised this isn't recorded. Something so simple and yet something which would allow people to brag how they owned that bitch so many times. Get this done!

Fire: So how awesome would it be to be able to set fire to a city? Buildings, monuments, bridges, walk ways, and so on. Not to mention this could also cause damage to anyone or anything running through it. Think about it your supposed to be at war of course you want to see that place be burned to the ground. Extra bonus if you can set fire to your own factions cities as I would be right there on patch day ready to burn Silvermoon.

Destructible Buildings: They have these in Battlegrounds, in Raid instances, so why not incorporate them into the major cities? So instead of just killing the auctioneers and the bankers you take the building down on their asses. That was from a movie and now I wish I knew what it was. Anyways think about how epic something like this would be. Of course you would have to work in respawns and such, but it could be done.

Pillage: When you attack or take over a city you take and use everything you can find. This would have to be worked out so that it wasn't overpowered, but almost marking it a reward for attacking a city just like loot you get for killing a boss. Simple thing to add just needs to be added correctly.

Bounty for Players: Just think if you could post rewards for killing specific players. Would not only be entertaining to know who is after you but even better when these people try and fail at killing you.

Siege Vehicles: Let us buy them. People like Wintergasp because of the feeling behind assaulting with these things. Imagine a line of these outside a major city ready to kill anything and everything in its path. This certainly would bring back the War in Warcraft.

Theft: You know in University when you went into said departments building and took something form them. Could have been a statue, a pet, or some silly trinket. It didn't matter, what mattered was that you were successful in taking it and you now had bragging rights. Imagine displaying something like this like we do the heads of dragons this would really get peoples attention.

my favourite

Graffiti: Ya I want to spray paint "GAUSS OWNED YOUR ASS" or "GAUSS WAS HERE" all over your city. The satisfaction I would get out of this would be the same as downing a boss. Not to mention the reminder it would give people as they walked by till it "despawned"

These are just some of my ideas. As I am sure you have more. World PvP is something I love to do when I am not doing anything else so ways to make it more engaging and hence creating more participation is something I would look forward to. As always tell me what you think and be sure to tell me your own ideas.


  1. imo "GAUSS OWNED YOUR ASS WITH A BUNCH OF NOOBS" would be much better.


  2. I agree, yesterday was QUITE fun. I know i got a few laughs with the piles of corpses.

  3. everyone would have a bounty on Gauss

  4. Fire would be sweet. I can see the flames covering Ironforge and Gauss laughing in the middle of it.


  5. I have no real ideas for city raids, but I have ALWAYS wanted to get like 3 or 4 raid groups and "take over" an alliance city. Pick one, doesn't matter. We go in, kill everything in sight and sit there and run things for a few hours.

  6. Im wondering if the "Gauss Nation" would do something like the gold sellers do.. course spray paint would be much easier.. but the "Nation" could have lvl 1 alliance and after the noob pwn on IF could lay their bodies down and spell out Gauss owns this city... that would be very pic worthy imo