Monday, October 26, 2009

My Reputation

So for those of you who don't know Three Score, the guild I am the GM of, is currently recruiting. This kinda sucks at times because I have to read every mail and whisper fully since one of them might actually be important. This is very true when I get whispers from level ones. I cannot just assume they are gold farmers wanting to sell me gold. On that note, hey blizzard why don't you lock these toons instead of mine? Anyways, one whispered me yesterday and I politely responded. I know it is very hard for me to do so, so all of you can stop laughing thinking about it.

To get on with it we did a vent interview. I do this because I can see if they are a 12 year old kid. Therefore I don't have to ask the age question. Also I can see if they are a Bagellord clone. So of course they had questions about my guild and how things go. I won't go into detail because its rather boring. If you want to know apply and I will do an interview with you. Well maybe... Because I don't want to see a ton of useless apps.

When the interview was about done was when the group asked me how my guild and myself are viewed and seen by the rest of the server. So essentially they wanted to know what my reputation was. This got me thinking of what exactly to say, but I through out this basically

  • I have lead my guild for 4 years. Its stable not going anywhere. People know that Three Score is here to stay
  • Three score has killed content well and effectively since the start and has always been one of the top if not the top guilds on the server.
  • My phrase "Have fun and kick ass while doing it" is the best way to describe my way of thinking. I am serious, effective, but I have a good time.
  • I don't fade into the background. Llane is Gauss and Gauss is Llane. Three Score gets attention and is in the spotlight because of this. So everyone will have an opinion either way.

So that's what I could say. People love me or hate me. The same also goes for my guild. This is a fact. I am an in your face sort of guy. My point and thinking though is i really cannot explain how others see me or think about me outside my guild without asking them. Of course my view is going to be bias. Or even those within my guild now or members in the past could probably give a better take on it then I could.

So here is your chance to tell me. Comment here, send an email, in game mail. You can do so anonymously or throw your name in. I will publish everyone's thoughts lets say on Friday's post no matter what they are. The important thing is just tell me what you think of my guild and myself.

That is all for today. I'll be less serious tomorrow.


  1. Honestly Gauss I have never seen someone so commited to success as yourself. Sure you push people give them a hard time, but you get the most out of everyone. And of course its never a dull moment in WoW when Gauss is around.


  2. Anyone who can keep a guild together and keep it at the level you do for as long as you have has earned my respect. If I could ever find the time I would want to be in your guild in a flash

  3. just sent you an email. It is kinda long thats why i didn't type it here.


  4. Gauss, you spend more time and effort on this blog than you do your guild. You post lie after lie just to make yourself look good. You are nothing but a joke entertaining 10 year old kids. Your guild is barely getting by with your leadership, grow the fuck up. If you put this type of focus in on your own guild you would'nt have people quitting left and right.

  5. To the guy above did Gauss kick you out of Three Score? Knowing Gauss for a long time on this game i can say he has never lied about anything. I actually wish I could have the time to join Three Score again because Gauss is probably the best guild leader and player I have ever played with. Anyone and I mean anyone would be lucky to have a GM such as Gauss who puts the time in to making sure his guild is what it is.

    My hat is and always will be off to you sir
    ~Calam facemelter for life

  6. The post @ 5:08pm. Probably one of the douchebags, that left to make their own guild
    *Cough* Disdain *cough* and will fail due to having all their heads up their asses.
    (And probably will QQ at blizzard, b/c TOC heroic is too hard and want their hand held)

  7. Gauss by far the best raid leader I have ever ran with. Informative direct and you get things done. You are seen as the best for a reason

  8. Is that post up there honestly from one of those people who just left? That's fucking low.........I don't care if they had 25 anub HM down with 50 attempts left. I still wouldn't join with the label of stuck up prick put on me just by having those words under my name. But anyways, you know my opinion on you Gauss. Love raiding with you, whether it be 25 guildies, or 40 clueless randoms from trade. No matter what, you always make this game more fun that what it has become, and inside the guild, I couldn't imagine a nicer person to be led by. Maybe too nice sometimes, with letting somethings get by that probably shouldn't,but overall, I've loved every minute I've spent in 3S and look forward to being there till the end of my wow career or wow all together(which ever comes first) P.S. Again, that shit up there is fucking low......Grow some balls to post under something not anonymous

  9. First Gauss I sent you an email, which I was just going to do till I read the post above.

    I think it is pretty funny you came here to bash Gauss, but yet you read his blog. Am I the only one who finds this funny? Also most of this stuff is stuff that he pokes fun at, and the stuff that is not I am sure many of us you have read this were there and can say for a fact that it happned. You seem to have a problem with Gauss for some reason, which is beyond me.

    Gauss has forgotten more about this game than many of us have ever known. He can be an ass sometimes, but it is all in good fun. But you know this is a game so isn't that the point, to have fun?

  10. That is me Kutan above I have seemed to forgot my password

  11. Hey Gauss anyone who says bad things obviously doesn't know anything. You are respected because you know what you are doing. You also give up your time to run people through things you have done countless times and you make it fun. The best times I have had in WoW are when I have been in a raid with you. Always good times.

    ~~the Cow who drinks Coffee~~

  12. Gauss, your the guy that starts my wintergrasp trade chat, I thank you. A dick true... but who isnt? You got good ideas and a way to say them. Death to the Living!