Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting a Gaussian Response

First off thank you all for all the tells, comments, and emails. I know I don't respond to them all because frankly I don't have the time to do so or I really just have absolutely know clue what you are asking for. There will be some people I will just ignore outright because well you didn't bring anything to the table or apparently me calling you a dumbass push one of those buttons that sets you off like a raving lunatic. Anyways, today I decided I would give you all basically a guide to what is more than likely to get a response from yours truly.

  • Hate Mail is a great way to get an answer from me mostly because I will enjoy trying to insult you further by the same method you are complaining about. For example if you complain I am spamming and tell me to stop I will most likely spam something else. If you complain how my jokes offend someone I will make sure to give you more tidbits of insults concerning the same topic. This is basically where you find out I don't care what you think so I feel I have a duty to prove it to you.

  • People always ask me for gold. I couldn't give a crap that you don't have epic flying or that you just need 50g to respec. Why are you turning this into my problem in the first place? I didn't spend all your gold. So getting to the point if you ask for gold I will most likely ignore you, but if have some sort of cause to support making it interesting(ask Lytol how this goes) or be so ridiculously stupid that I have to respond to you in an effort to understand exactly what you are asking for. So I guess know I should expect random gibberish.

  • So I get many random whispers be it "hello", "how are you?", "So you're Gauss". I obviously can't respond to all of these, but I do respond to those that stick out. So the question would be how do I? I find if you mention someone I know or something you may have did with myself this leans me to the point where I am intrigued on why you are stalking me. So you most likely will get an answer from me even if it's just "you're creeping me out"

  • Ask for Pi! I am always interested in the people that ask for it. Do they want people to to think that I recognize their existence or do they just want to see the aftermath of the power of Pi. My theory is still out on this one and results can only be achieved with more testing so ask away!

  • Tell me you hate ret pallys. Sure fire way to get me to respond almost instantly. We will laugh about random idiots like the time Herc pushed the button on Mimi and just go on and on about how like pretty much all of them are useless tools. This is especially entertaining if you are a ret pally. Ah good times.

  • Pretending your a former guildmate will ensure I will talk with you until I either figure it out your not or I already knew it wasn't and your ability to entertain me has passed. In this regard I always like to hear from people from back in the day.

  • Talk about something useless in trade. If I am there you will hear from me. Now this my not be the attention you want as being compared to Bagellord is never a good thing. But look at the bright all of the Gauss Nation will be bitching at you as well people will think you actually have friends!

  • Make an alt or a Guild. People seem to want to get my opinion on the naming of their toons and their guilds. I am happy to give my two copper on the subject and be your critic. I know then it will be that much more entertaining to see that guild or alt run by me. Shoutout to [Lincoln Wiped on Opera].

  • Become a supplier of mine. You see my guild goes through countless supplies of pretty much everything. My guild is different in the fact that we provide everything for every raid so I am always in need of supplies to keep things topped off. SO becoming a supplier you not only get to make some good coin, but you also get to speak with yours truly. I will also try my best not to humiliate you because after all you would be my mats bitch.

  • Having interest in joining the guild will always get a reply. This could though be hit or miss. If I am in a good mood and you app is not up to par(good mood) I will be upfront and tell you what you need to work on or improve in order to get a shot. If I am not in a good mood and you app is utterly horrible(bad mood). I will pretty much tell you so and most likely make you cry. Please don't go tell your mother and get her to bitch back at me. I don't want to let her realize giving birth to you was a mistake. So be careful you have been warned


  • Do something stupid! Look at Bagellord I talk to this guy all the time. Well maybe talk is not the right word. He doesn't even care that I am making fun of him. He is eternal a complete and useless noob and yet more recognizable than 90% of the people on the server. Interesting how things work out.

Keep them all coming I am sure now it is going to get much more interesting


  1. The sad thing is you are right about Bagellord

  2. I'd say the people who ask for Pi think you like them

  3. "you're creeping me out" LOL thats awesome