Friday, October 30, 2009

Lok'tar Ogar

So first off I would like to thank everyone who participated. For a Friday afternoon and only 440 horde online to have 119 with us is quite an accomplishment. Hope you all all had a blast I know I did. We held the city for about 30 minutes and only died because a combination of Lag causing us to be owned by AoE. I got many whispers during the madness from alliance toons saying that it was absolute panic on the other side. I would like to point out this was the purpose. World PvP at its finest.

I know I learned a couple things so when tomorrow comes I believe I have a few ideas to combat the lag. Since I assume since the success of today's there will be many more who will want in on the fun. So join up tomorrow or try to stop us. With the new setup I think we can hold it for a lot longer and maybe even let the lag work in our favour. Same time as normal, and as it was today I will run the normal For The Horde through before meeting up with the other raids in the city we plan on renaming Gaussville.

On another note Old School raids will be run on Saturday night as per the norm. I have a feeling we will be doing some BC raids this weekend. So anytime after 9 server I will get it going. Join in on the fun it is always a blast. I will make you laugh, cry, and hate me all in the span of 30 seconds. Who else can do that honestly?

I have almost gotten through all the emails for the "My Reputation" post a few days back. If I am committed to finishing them all tonight I will have that post up tomorrow. Although I was amazed at the shear volume of replies good to know that people will take the time. So thank you all once again for all the feedback. Good or bad good to hear from you all!

Today I felt like I re-earned my "High Warlord" title and I think when someone said in trade today "When Gauss starts something a war is bound to follow" is really the perfect way to describe the day.

Lok'tar Ogar!!!!


  1. Best time I EVER have had in WoW. Nothing like all the alliance hiding out in their own city. Anyone who doesn't come on one of these is missing out on a hell of a time. Keep kicking ass Gauss.

  2. It was a great experience which I expect nothing less from a Gauss raid. Hopefully tomorrow is way more sucessful.