Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something For the Life of Me I Never Expected

So I get a lot of emails and in game mails asking for things or shoutouts. Even outrageous topics for blog posts. In addition to play by play of peoples raids in the hopes I will write about it. Sadly, I can't please or accommodate everyone and yet over a thousand people come here and check out my blog everyday.

Now some of this has caused some interesting happenings in game. Some I wished never happened, but I guess it is still part of the whole experience. I can only imagine what Nyhm, Cranius or Oxhorn go through on a daily basis. But when I check my email today in my office I got something I never would expected and I will share it with you all.

Dear Gauss,

I am writing this to you because my son has asked me to do so. He says he met you playing World of Warcraft. You seem to be his idol or at least someone he looks up to. He follows your blog as much as he can and has told me many things you have said. He thought they were humorous but I did not understand them. That is not to say I reflect the opinions of most people so take no offense. I was actually rather intrigued by his opinion of you because I thought you were just someone his age he met online. When he told me what he knew about you though I was quite surprised someone such as yourself would play the same game he does. So I guess I have a lot to learn.
To get to the point of my letter I will tell you a little about my son's situation. His name is Kevin, he is thirteen years old, and has been fighting leukemia for two years now. He had been responding well to treatment until just five days ago. Since then he has stabilized, but has progressed further. The doctors say he can improve and I hope and pray everyday that he will.
This is why I am writing this to you. He has written you several times and you have not responded to him. He tells me this is because you do not respond to anyone. So he asked me to write this letter in hope that you would respond to him. I know you do not know him and this request may seem rather trivial, but he does look up to you. It would mean so much to him and our family if you took the time to write him back. It does not even have to be much just something he can appreciate.

I thank you for your time,

Now obviously I blocked out the contact information for the obvious reasons, and I am not even sure I should have posted this here. I never thought I could have such an impact or even think I could. For those wondering I did write a reply and sent it back not too long ago. I hope it will be what Kevin is hoping for. Thinking about this I couldn't fathom being a parent in this situation let alone writing a letter to a complete stranger your son knows from a video game. That does sound pretty crazy actually. I commend her courage as should all of you for that couldn't have been easy.

Please today I ask that you keep your comments clean out of respect. Tomorrow you can all go back to your normal selves.

Good Luck Kevin I know the Gauss Nation will be thinking about you.


  1. I think I speak for everyone who read that. I hope Kevin gets better for no one should have to go through that. Gauss today my respect for went way up.

    My thoughts and prays are with you Kevin.


  2. Get well soon Kevin, Llane is pulling for you!

  3. I agree get well Kevin we all hope you get well


  4. my hat is off to you Gauss

  5. How does someone go about getting your office email? And it sounds to me like you are a professional attention seeker. I think you make up most of the crap you post here.

  6. If I am not mistaken Gauss said be respectful. You seem to have nothing better to do then read someones blog you have soemthing against which is actualy pretty funny.

    You can get Gauss's email from one of the links on the side at least that is where I always send my ideas.

    Thought I would set him straight for you Gauss. And GL Kevin we are all hoping for you.


  7. That is a great thing you did there Gauss even if it was a little creepy

  8. Well done sir. You shouldn't let this get out though people might think your a nice guy

  9. Good Job Gauss I knew you had being a nice guy in you somewhere

  10. If he reads this I wish him the best of luck

  11. Did you get anything back Gauss?

  12. Jaspersgirl/MelouisaNovember 4, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    Gauss you really do have a soft side! Don't worry I'll tell everyone!!! And Kevin you are a totally awesome kid and my prayers are for you hun!!!! Love from Llane!!!