Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Fav Music Videos

So today before the For The Horde raid I was on vent with a couple of guildies and some how we got talking about WoW videos. There are a lot of them out there and I try to watch any that people point me towards. To me there was basically two types of them Music Videos or full blown out shows/Movies etc. So I thought I would point you all to some of the Music variety by making a top 10 list. This I am basing on how good I liked the song combined with how good I thought the video was.

10) Ni Hao(A Gold Farmers Story) Nyhm ft. Summergale: Nyhm I am pretty sure everyone knows and Summergale appears in many of his videos. This is a parody and not a original song, but either way it was well put together and the video isn't that bad either. So I don't think I would get any complaints about this making the list.

9) That's The World of Warcraft That You Play: This is an old one, but it still is one of the funniest and best WoW songs there is. So for all you newer players who don't understand why a lot of this is funny it just reminds me I have played this game too long.

8)Slaughter Your World, Looking for Group: Richard is just awesome. If you don't know anything about LFG I suggest you read the comic it is an extremely funny and good read. The only reason this isn't higher is because it is just simple animation, but every time I hear this I do laugh my ass off.

7)Epic Raids by Oxhorn: Oxhorn is maybe the most recognizable machinamator there is in regards to WoW. He probably deserves a lot of credit for getting this genre to where it is today. Enjoy this one is a great one.

6) Take My Quest by Sharm: Now most people probably have never heard of Sharm. In my opinion she has one of the best voices of all the people who do this. So she deserves a lot of credit for her ability and it helps that this video she did not make and had the help of ViKarious Productions. It all comes together nicely.

5)Horde For Life by Decision, Nayders and Gigi: Maybe this one is a little lower than it should be because it's about Horde, but who cares! I always like the videos when people get together always seems that I expect more out of it. Here I wasn't disappointed either. Zharkan16 put this one together and he did everything justice.

4)Honor Killz by A6: Now as I said above that when people get together normally gets something pretty awesome. This video has probably one of the best machinamator's there is redeyelobine. I know no one will be disappointed with that in regards to this video.

3)Don't Make Me Get My Main by Cranius: This won the best movie at Blizzcon and rightfully so. I think the ending is what makes this movie as epic as it is. Of course the whole story behind it makes it great as well.

2) ROFLMAO by Oxhorn: I know a lot of you are saying this video and song are just absolutely stupid. This is where you are wrong. This video is probably one of the greatest videos the internet has.

1)Big Blue Dress by Cranius: I am pretty sure this has a hold on the greatest song ever written about WoW. Now in regards to video quality I know this may not be as good as the others, but this song has had probably 100s of videos made because of the song itself. So to me this warrants my choice of it being the best. The gnome background singers are a nice touch also.

Well those are my choices. Tell me what you think and even if you think I missed one. Who knows I may not have seen it. Feedback is always welcome even if I complain about my emails and in game mail being jammed. It is good to know people like to hear what I have to say.


  1. I think those all are great. I hadn't seen any of them before either so I can't tell you if I know other ones which would be better. But I take your word that you know what you are talking about

  2. ROFL at Slaughter Your World that was just awesome

  3. "You killed my main" LOL

  4. Gotta love Oxhorn

  5. There are so many good Nyhm vids and you only have 2

  6. i have to say i like this one cause it reminds me of how much pally's are gay