Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some of the Dumbest Things I Have Ever Heard

So a lot of people try to get a hold of me. They do so in many ways and honestly sometimes I feel they just say things to me in order to get noticed or remembered some how. This doesn't mean what they said had any merit because sometimes people say , tell, or ask me things that make my face covet my palm. So here are some of the things I can remember. I am sure I will thing of more in the days to come and will be sure to add them. So enjoy...

  • My favourite random tell: Are you really Gauss?
  • While telling my Saturday night BC raid to head down to SSC someone says: So how do you dive in water?
  • Talking to a recruit I ask him his spec and class he replies: Well i just made this DK so I will let you decide.
  • After talking about ret pallys and my feelings on them some random noob on vent says "I think it is unfair that you judge and hate me without even knowing me"
  • I make sure I says on vent "Don't talk to Akama" when some says "The guy at the front is going to help us I just talked to him"
  • So I did a blog about a month back about a mage with 71 points in frost. The next day I get a whisper "So how is 71 points in frost a bad spec you get like every talent"
  • So I always like to crack jokes so I am talking about how Standing in Fire increases your DPS and how all of you should do it. When someone in all seriousness asks "I know I have been trying to explain this to my guild for months and they don't believe me"
  • When doing a old school raid in SSC I say there is a special way to jump down the pit. When I am interrupted "You just walk off backwards, look I will show you" the sad thing is he actually thought he was right.
  • Someone viewing my joke rogue daggers whispers me "Does mp5 for rogues really work on energy that is so OP. I am switching all my gems thanks for the info"

So i will add more as I think about them. Sorry this is rushed today hope you all enjoy regardless.


  1. ROFL you have rogue gear with mp5?


  2. Omfg.

    Lol @ Rogue MP5 Gear. XDDD

  3. I went back and read the 71 point frost mage blog. That was good stuff

  4. ROFL I saw your daggers yesterday. It made me laugh.


  5. Gauss Pi isn't spam its quality information