Friday, October 16, 2009

Change It Up

So today is Friday in case you all didn't know. So what does Friday mean? Well it means it means For The Horde of course. So we went and did the run as normal and to my surprise for the first time everyone stayed at the bottom of the stairs in Exodar! I know can you believe it? I am actually still in shock that it happened. I don't know what was more unlikely that happening or having like 10 druids in the raid. Anyways we did every city pretty flawlessly I must say the new IF strat I think is win although I do miss controlling the Yeti population. Maybe I should have some people just go there and do it.

So here I was in IF and nothing to complain about and nothing to tell this group that they really messed up. This is not to say that everything was perfect. There was someone without epic riding.... Ya you actually saw me type that. There was also someone who kept yelling even when I told him to stop maybe his call centre is in India or something. Anyways so what did I decide to do when the king died? I did what I always wanted to do. BURN IRONFORGE TO THE GROUND!!!!

We purged the city of everything even that stupid gnome king. I want his shrink-ray by the way. Been a long time since I went to the explorers hall. This actually got me thinking you need to actually be able to burn things. How about Bliz makes that happen. That would be some cool stuff wouldn't you say? Where was I? Oh yes BURNING IRONFORGE TO THE GROUND!!! So we went around killing everything when sadly the ground slowly started to dwindle.

This apparently was happening quicker than I notice as when we were in the mystic ward and they finally came and killed us. At this point we were down to 10... So 10 vs 30+ wasn't really a good thing. I must thank all the alliance for the teabags I receive I know you guys are awesome for killing me you can now go tell all your friends you got to teabag Gauss. At least you will have a story you can rewrite so that it makes you sound like you achieved something.

I will say though when I rezzed and killed that druid, lock, and pally in my tank gear and prot spec was pretty epic. So maybe dancing on their corpses and spamming Pi wasn't the best of ideas. The raid comes back and I get owned mauled. Sorry Irule you rezzed into a mess.

So to spirit rez or not to spirit rez? Course not! I went back and Irule and I killed in the basement of one of the houses drinking our kegs. Might I say Ironforge needs to taurenize their homes it would really increase the value. Anyways this got boring especially when some how I got killed through a wall, like wtf Bliz. So I ported out. Good fun and thanks Irule for sticking around hope you had some fun. When your somewhere with Gauss its always an adventure!


  1. Was good fun as it always is Gauss then end just made it a blast

  2. was fun stuff should do that always at the end