Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Run My Rules

So here I was yesterday helping out people running some Outland raids. Anyone who runs these with me knows it my rules and basically just do whatever I want. I Master Loot because I can and basically sometimes I just asks who wants this and the first to speak up gets it. This is because these are level 70 raids I couldn't give two shits about who gets what. I am here doing the nice thing running people through this crap.

So people know this and people know I am set in my ways. It is just one of those things. Hell when we went into TK I said if the mount drops I am going to take it. People laughed either because they knew I wasn't kidding or they were laughing at the people typing in raid chat asking if I was kidding. So obviously I give a useless explanation because maybe I want to enlighten most of the idiots in the group how the encounter is supposed to be done. Anyways we killed Kael with me making fun of a limited about of people, and as always the boss dropped purple stuff.

So I do my thing giving anything and everything to anyone I felt like. When some tool in the raid says roll for [Verdant Sphere] I am saying on vent they are wasting their time because I am just going to give it to whomever I feel like. He goes on to track all the rolls and noticed he tied for the highest roll. He apparently thinks this is the greatest day in his WoW career. I am still talking on vent that he is wasting his time while giving instructions on where to go next. When he wins the roll off with the other douche who actually thinks he has a shot at getting this. He keeps talking that he won the roll and that I can now loot it to him. He did something everyone knows you don't do. He told Gauss how to run his raid. I know now all the Gauss Nation is either laughing or can't wait to see what I did next so here goes.

I just looted it to some other random guy. The guy flips out saying WTF I WON THE ROLL. I of course respond there was no roll and this isn't a democracy. He then is like begging the guy in raid chat to give it to him. I of course told him not to or he would be gone. In fact I think my exact suggestion was to open trade with him put it in and keep canceling it. Now I wish I looted it for myself, someone remind me to do that next time. Anyways this guy is Level 74 and this item would be useless for him anyway. He says he is going to go tell everyone what I did and screwed him out of loot. I tried to motivate him to do so. So lets hope he is as stupid as he sounds.

He goes on to protest by staying by Kael's corpse and refusing to leave until he gets his sphere. By this time we are summoning all the retards who didn't know where BT was. He keeps bitching when of course I got someone to replace him so had no use no did I find his bitching entertaining after 15 minutes. So bye goes the dumbass from the raid. At least we had someone specific to make fun of for the BT run.

So quickly to avoid this from happening lets review how these are done.

  • I give loot to whomever I want. If I like you you will get loot that simple. If you ask for loot or are a ret pally don't expect anything.
  • If I want something its mine. Don't complain I hate people who complain.
  • Don't tell me how to do things. This won't be good for you.
  • It will entertain me when clueless people die. So expect me to try and get you killed
  • I will make fun of everyone for something or another. If you are still in the raid while I am doing this you should feel good about yourself.
  • I do these for fun, when it is not fun there is no reason to do them

Next Saturday will do the runs again. I need to do BWL and I promised some people Mount Hyjal. So at least those 2 are on the schedule.


  1. Why was the 74 complaining about 70 loot in the first place? Some people should just go level.


  2. It was hilarious to see him carry on about it and call Gauss a douche over the Verdant Sphere. Almost as funny as the fail 70 rogue that wanted every drop all night long and would constantly ask when we were rolling on loot.

  3. I love how Gauss kept telling the Rogue he wasn't getting anything and he still kept asking

  4. Gauss you make me laugh in trade and now i have a blog to read. Thank you!