Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ty Zyto!!!

So here is Zytozux's video of yesterday's ultimate For The Horde. Take a look at it I know he was working at it for awhile trying to piece it together.

so again Zyto ty

Reputation Feedback

So today's post is completed after days reading emails, comments on here, and things I received in game. So once again thank you all for the response good or bad. I was going to attach peoples names, but I was unsure if I should have or not. And since I promised this post today I don't have time to get every persons permission. So claim them if you want. So here they are

Honestly Gauss I have never seen someone so committed to success as yourself. Sure you push people give them a hard time, but you get the most out of everyone. And of course its never a dull moment in WoW when Gauss is around.

Best Raid Leader hands down.

Anyone who can get things done with a bunch of noobs deserves plenty of credit.

I always wondered why you always got so much respect for a countless amount of players. I really thought you were just a guy who was full of himself. This was until I went on a raid with you. You sir know what you're doing and the respect you are given is well deserved.

I didn't know much about you besides the whole Pi thing. But you got me my war bear when you had nothing to gain. People might think you are an ass, but the time you commit to people for random things cannot be ignored.

You treat people like crap, because you think you are better than them. Grow up.

Anyone who can keep a guild together and keep it at the level you do for as long as you have has earned my respect. If I could ever find the time I would want to be in your guild in a flash

Gauss by far the best raid leader I have ever ran with. Informative direct and you get things done. You are seen as the best for a reason

Great player and a great guy. Tough on the outside, but I think people that really play with you know that you just like anyone else plays this game for fun.

Maybe if you weren't such an ass people might think better of you

Gauss, you spend more time and effort on this blog than you do your guild. You post lie after lie just to make yourself look good. You are nothing but a joke entertaining 10 year old kids. Your guild is barely getting by with your leadership, grow the fuck up. If you put this type of focus in on your own guild you would'nt have people quitting left and right.

People can say what they want about you. The best thing is no matter what you will keep doing what you are doing because that's who you are. Their is nothing like someone who doesn't let other people change who he is

Knowing Gauss for a long time on this game i can say he has never lied about anything. I actually wish I could have the time to join Three Score again because Gauss is probably the best guild leader and player I have ever played with. Anyone and I mean anyone would be lucky to have a GM such as Gauss who puts the time in to making sure his guild is what it is.

Anyone who has been as lucky as me to have Gauss as a GM should know his commitment to make this game a better experience for all his guildmates. The "Gauss for Prez" comment just doesn't come out of no where.

Pi for Life Gauss will live forever.

This server and this game wouldn't be the same without you Gauss. No matter how many haters there are they also know that this is the case.

Just grow up do you really think anyone gives a crap about what you say or do?

Gauss by far the best raid leader I have ever ran with. Informative direct and you get things done. You are seen as the best for a reason

Anyone who has not had the opportunity to do something in this game without you Gauss is missing out. The best times I have ever had in this game have been when I was doing something with you. Be it that time we swam around Kalimdor for no apparent reason or owning alliance in their own cities.

AoG will live on forever even if it doesn't exist. There is no one else capable of doing what you do. Maybe you know this and take it to heart and exploit it, but you will always be the guy who can do pretty much anything on this game.

You're horrible and you think you are really something. How sad. Maybe you and your fail guild could actually do something worth while then you would have something to be proud of.

you know my opinion on you Gauss. Love raiding with you, whether it be 25 guildies, or 40 clueless randoms from trade. No matter what, you always make this game more fun that what it has become, and inside the guild, I couldn't imagine a nicer person to be led by. Maybe too nice sometimes, with letting somethings get by that probably shouldn't,but overall, I've loved every minute I've spent in 3S and look forward to being there till the end of my wow career or wow all together(which ever comes first)

Gauss has forgotten more about this game than many of us have ever known. He can be an ass sometimes, but it is all in good fun. But you know this is a game so isn't that the point, to have fun?

Keep kicking ass and taking names while doing it. Best player I have ever known, and I have been playing this game a long time.

Hey Gauss anyone who says bad things obviously doesn't know anything. You are respected because you know what you are doing. You also give up your time to run people through things you have done countless times and you make it fun. The best times I have had in WoW are when I have been in a raid with you. Always good times.

Gotta love people who think they are really something like yourself. You think because a random bunch of nobodies treat you like their god that makes you special? Grats on being the king of the 15 year olds.

Gauss, your the guy that starts my wintergrasp trade chat, I thank you. A dick true... but who isnt? You got good ideas and a way to say them. Death to the Living!

Gauss Nation for life. WoW just wouldn't be the same without you.

I really think people don't realize how much you may have accomplished in this game. You run a successful raiding guild. You can keep a bunch of mindless fools together and get them to work as a unit. I think if people were to really step back and think about everything it they would be pretty hard pressed to find someone else who could have done everything you have.

When WoW ends people who played will look back and realize everything which went on during all the years they have played this game. They will remember the name Gauss. This in itself I think quantifies the impact you have had.

I used to be a hater till I got to know you a bit. I think everyone should do the same. You are a cool guy even with the pi spam.

I can't believe I am emailing a guy about his reputation on a video game. Gauss what have you done. You can really make someone do anything can't you lol. Anyways, you're awesome, and I think you know it. To all the haters you have I think they are just jealous.

I would be interested if their is a "Gauss" on every server. My guess is no youre one of a kind and make this game what it is. Keep doing what you are doing.

So i obviously couldn't post them all. Some of them were the same so I tried to get some variety on them. Again thank you all for the feedback. At least know if someone ask me I have something to directly point them towards. Thank you all for making the Gauss Nation what it has become.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lok'tar Ogar

So first off I would like to thank everyone who participated. For a Friday afternoon and only 440 horde online to have 119 with us is quite an accomplishment. Hope you all all had a blast I know I did. We held the city for about 30 minutes and only died because a combination of Lag causing us to be owned by AoE. I got many whispers during the madness from alliance toons saying that it was absolute panic on the other side. I would like to point out this was the purpose. World PvP at its finest.

I know I learned a couple things so when tomorrow comes I believe I have a few ideas to combat the lag. Since I assume since the success of today's there will be many more who will want in on the fun. So join up tomorrow or try to stop us. With the new setup I think we can hold it for a lot longer and maybe even let the lag work in our favour. Same time as normal, and as it was today I will run the normal For The Horde through before meeting up with the other raids in the city we plan on renaming Gaussville.

On another note Old School raids will be run on Saturday night as per the norm. I have a feeling we will be doing some BC raids this weekend. So anytime after 9 server I will get it going. Join in on the fun it is always a blast. I will make you laugh, cry, and hate me all in the span of 30 seconds. Who else can do that honestly?

I have almost gotten through all the emails for the "My Reputation" post a few days back. If I am committed to finishing them all tonight I will have that post up tomorrow. Although I was amazed at the shear volume of replies good to know that people will take the time. So thank you all once again for all the feedback. Good or bad good to hear from you all!

Today I felt like I re-earned my "High Warlord" title and I think when someone said in trade today "When Gauss starts something a war is bound to follow" is really the perfect way to describe the day.

Lok'tar Ogar!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Will Be It

So after the past couple of weekends doing For The Horde and then proceeding to kill everything possible in Ironforge, I have came to a conclusion. I really miss good old world PvP. So I am saying I am not going to be just running any normal For The Horde runs this weekend. I pan on really taking over the cities. We are going to full on assault them. Gather as many people as we possibly can. Which means multiple raid groups organized in a fashion and with a game plan only yours truly could do. We will cause cause lag and we will probably crash the server, but it is sure going to be a whole lot of fun.

I plan to have a series of people recording this so we can get many angles to see all aspects of the carnage. This will also be helpful when one of the recorders is bound to get disconnected. So I will have multiple videos to compile to make one pretty epic video. This won't just be Ironforge either my plan is to have co-existing attacks with the eventual meet up to cause more havoc than this server has seen in a very long time.

What I will be Looking for
  • People! Any level, any spec the more the better
  • Be able to listen. Staying organized is what will allow us to hold our ground.
  • Tell people you know Alliance or Horde. I want people to come try and take us down. Like I said a battle of epic proportions. Just don't tell the alliance just before we arrive.
  • If you want to lead one of the secondary groups let me know. This way I can go over the plans and tell you what needs to be done.
  • This isn't going to be a 10 minute thing. We will take the cities and will be holding them as long as possible. This will most likely be when the server crashes.

So if you're interested let me know. Will be run around the same time as a normal For The Horde. I also am pretty sure I will run the For The Horde for the day as well. This should at least tell the alliance something is going down. Get ready for something Crazy and Epic that the server won't soon forget.

On another note I am still going over the massive amount of emails I received regarding the Reputation post. I wasn't expecting the volume of replies so I may not be able to get through them all by tomorrow. This doesn't mean I won't be doing it, what it means is it probably won't be all put together for tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some of the Dumbest Things I Have Ever Heard

So a lot of people try to get a hold of me. They do so in many ways and honestly sometimes I feel they just say things to me in order to get noticed or remembered some how. This doesn't mean what they said had any merit because sometimes people say , tell, or ask me things that make my face covet my palm. So here are some of the things I can remember. I am sure I will thing of more in the days to come and will be sure to add them. So enjoy...

  • My favourite random tell: Are you really Gauss?
  • While telling my Saturday night BC raid to head down to SSC someone says: So how do you dive in water?
  • Talking to a recruit I ask him his spec and class he replies: Well i just made this DK so I will let you decide.
  • After talking about ret pallys and my feelings on them some random noob on vent says "I think it is unfair that you judge and hate me without even knowing me"
  • I make sure I says on vent "Don't talk to Akama" when some says "The guy at the front is going to help us I just talked to him"
  • So I did a blog about a month back about a mage with 71 points in frost. The next day I get a whisper "So how is 71 points in frost a bad spec you get like every talent"
  • So I always like to crack jokes so I am talking about how Standing in Fire increases your DPS and how all of you should do it. When someone in all seriousness asks "I know I have been trying to explain this to my guild for months and they don't believe me"
  • When doing a old school raid in SSC I say there is a special way to jump down the pit. When I am interrupted "You just walk off backwards, look I will show you" the sad thing is he actually thought he was right.
  • Someone viewing my joke rogue daggers whispers me "Does mp5 for rogues really work on energy that is so OP. I am switching all my gems thanks for the info"

So i will add more as I think about them. Sorry this is rushed today hope you all enjoy regardless.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Fail at Trade Spam if...

First off I didn't expect the massive amount of replies I got especially having my email jammed enough to make me think I was seeing things. I may have to give myself more than just till Friday to sort through them all, but I will try my best to get it out by then.

So now for every one's favourite type of post the fail ones

You fail at trade spam if...
  • People continue to talk about whatever they were talking about. Meaning you failed to change the subject.
  • Your advertising messages are dull an boring and offer nothing to say ah that is that guy again. Offer a cupcake or say "Death to the Living" like two guys I know.
  • It is guild recruitment spam. This is very fail you should talk to Bagellord so that you can go from full of fail to epic fail. I am sure he would be glad to help you out. He's famous didn't you know?
  • You're a ret pally spamming you are looking for a group. Do us a favour respec, reroll or kill yourself. Whichever is the quickest
  • You insist on being run through a low level instance. So much so that I can only see your crap for the last 10 lines. You have proved you fail, and I would think this may be a the reason you need a run through in the first place.
  • Your name is retarded. I just am unable to get past this, and will only be thinking of ways to make fun of you further. This is especially bad if I was actually interested in what you were saying or doing.
  • You try to use raid icons. This becomes epic fail when you keep trying or ask why they aren't working. Or say "it really does look cool when it works". If I saw you I would /point /laugh
  • You tried to be awesome and draw a picture except it doesn't line up and you look like a moron. So you wasted your time and looked like a dumbass. Congrats to you!
  • Your in a guild called [Premade] looking for people for a premade. This just always makes me /faceplam
  • You have been trying to sell an item for 20minutes I offer to buy it from you so you will just shut up, and you tell me to hold on while you figure out how much to sell it for. You really are that Special kind of stupid
  • You're looking for a group for Naxx. Like honestly who does Naxx? Don't waste my chat screen with this crap.
  • You're a gold farmer who can actually spell. Like wtf the only reason I read you ads is because I love reading them over and over because its funny to make fun of people who don't speak English well. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
  • You are trying to make a For the Horde group. Honestly who is going to go with you? Like really? Go hang out with Bagellord.
  • You are a level 8 spamming asking for respect money. At least if you're going to beg don't do it in trade and like of a much better excuse.
  • You think you won an argument and talk about how you won the Internet for 20 minutes. Too bad you didn't and everyone is laughing at you will you are celebrating. Think about it this way. If you win in the special Olympics guess what you're still retarded.

and lastly and most importantly

  • It's not Pi

and so it was written. Till tomorrow!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Reputation

So for those of you who don't know Three Score, the guild I am the GM of, is currently recruiting. This kinda sucks at times because I have to read every mail and whisper fully since one of them might actually be important. This is very true when I get whispers from level ones. I cannot just assume they are gold farmers wanting to sell me gold. On that note, hey blizzard why don't you lock these toons instead of mine? Anyways, one whispered me yesterday and I politely responded. I know it is very hard for me to do so, so all of you can stop laughing thinking about it.

To get on with it we did a vent interview. I do this because I can see if they are a 12 year old kid. Therefore I don't have to ask the age question. Also I can see if they are a Bagellord clone. So of course they had questions about my guild and how things go. I won't go into detail because its rather boring. If you want to know apply and I will do an interview with you. Well maybe... Because I don't want to see a ton of useless apps.

When the interview was about done was when the group asked me how my guild and myself are viewed and seen by the rest of the server. So essentially they wanted to know what my reputation was. This got me thinking of what exactly to say, but I through out this basically

  • I have lead my guild for 4 years. Its stable not going anywhere. People know that Three Score is here to stay
  • Three score has killed content well and effectively since the start and has always been one of the top if not the top guilds on the server.
  • My phrase "Have fun and kick ass while doing it" is the best way to describe my way of thinking. I am serious, effective, but I have a good time.
  • I don't fade into the background. Llane is Gauss and Gauss is Llane. Three Score gets attention and is in the spotlight because of this. So everyone will have an opinion either way.

So that's what I could say. People love me or hate me. The same also goes for my guild. This is a fact. I am an in your face sort of guy. My point and thinking though is i really cannot explain how others see me or think about me outside my guild without asking them. Of course my view is going to be bias. Or even those within my guild now or members in the past could probably give a better take on it then I could.

So here is your chance to tell me. Comment here, send an email, in game mail. You can do so anonymously or throw your name in. I will publish everyone's thoughts lets say on Friday's post no matter what they are. The important thing is just tell me what you think of my guild and myself.

That is all for today. I'll be less serious tomorrow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blood Elf Warriors....Why?

So with the news of this being able to take place in the new expansion I was let me say not pleased. Warriors get their hands dirty and blood elves are afraid they will break a nail or mess up their hair. So in only a way I could do I have been thinking how we can separate these warriors from the rest.

  • The Stances will be renamed: Battle Stance will be Fancy Stance, Defensive Stance will be Metro Stance, and Berserker Stance will be PMS Stance

  • Instead of rage they will go off a mechanic known as Pretty Points where they will get these by doing actions and looking pretty while doing it.

Besides this many Abilities are in the process of being renamed for Blood Elves here are a few of them

  • Devastate becomes Girly Slash
  • Charge will become Skip this will also change the name of the Juggernaut talent to "Skip to My Loo"
  • Intercept changes to Frolic
  • Intervene is now hug
  • Spell Reflect won't be able to be used since they will be too busy looking at themselves
  • Bladestorm will be changed to "the Waltz" this will also include a new animation
  • Berserker rage switch to "Time of the Month"
  • Pummel is now Bitch Slap
  • Heroic Throw changes to Sissy Throw
  • Anytime you taunt you emote "Those Pants Make Your Ass look Big"
  • Vigilance is now "Gay Pride"
  • Shockwave animation is now achieved when the warrior flips his hair in the wind
  • Bloodrage is no longer a use ability it happens when the warrior breaks a nail.

That is all I got for now, but I am sure people will have many more to add to the list. As will I if I come up with anything new.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So Apparently...

So I did as I always do when I turn on my computer. I log in and I check my email and after scrolling through all the ones that I didn't plan on answering or didn't feel like going head on in and reading at the time I saw I had a couple emails from Blizzard. And we all those these are exciting. But first before I get to that lets give a little background.

So on Thursday night I was just chilling doing whatever. Doing nothing really productive except dealing with some guild stuff. When I logged on one of my gold toons. This was weird in the first place because I leave my Gold toons in the middle of no where dead without hearthstones so that way if I ever get hacked no farmer is going to put up with that. Yes I am a little paranoid, but whatever. Anyways, getting on with it I notice he is in Orgrimmar and alive which makes no sense at all. I was kinda concerned, but logged on him when I got a WoW critical error. Don't you love those? So I logged back in and tried to get on him again when it happened again. Oh how much fun was that. So now I am getting pretty pissed off logged in again and went on another of my gold toons. When I get the critical error again. I then kept trying pretty much all my bank toons and kept getting the same thing. Interesting enough I didn't try to log on Gauss.

So I figured I would run the repair, but then when I had already started it someone suggested to just reboot it might work. So i canceled the repair(this is a bad idea) and rebooted and then WoW wouldn't even load. How awesome! So I am on vent pretty much wondering what the hell is going on. Someone was then nice enough to submit a ticket basically i was thinking my toon being in Orgrimmar might have started this whole thing, and plus I was running the repair(and actually not stopping it) while waiting for them to answer the ticket.

Ticket got answered and they said they were going to investigate my account to see if it had been compromised. I didn't think my account was hacked, but whatever they were at least doing something. When the repair finally finished WoW worked! So I tried to log in and it said my account was being investigated. I went to the link which was provided and it said this could take up to 8 hours. Well I guess this was a good time to go to sleep.

So I log on yesterday and not all my toons were available especially the ones I wanted. So I called blizzard and spoke to two people who obviously didn't speak English very well. Nothing like trying to get help when you have to say "what", "sorry", "pardon", and "excuse me" like every 15 seconds. They were not helpful and told me it takes time for a restore. O joy more waiting! So throughout the day I got them all back besides a couple of course these were my gold toons. So the talk about Blizzard trying to steal my gold as a joke just wasn't funny.

This brings me to today, and seeing the emails. Apparently they think I may be a gold farmer, and I am now under investigation for such reasons. Did I come to you people because I had a problem and now your turning it on me? Like come on. This is just stupid. So they gave me the toons back but they cannot interact in any way. So no talking, mailing, trading, and all that jazz. How wonderful. here was the best line of the email

Please keep in mind that, due to the nature and complexity of these investigations, it may take several days for us to contact you with the findings of our investigation. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter and apologize for any ensuing delay.

So your apologizing because your messing with me for no reason? Yes this makes different sense. Oh and you wanna know the best part of this whole ordeal. Couple hours later I get this email

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment Support. We hope that the information that was provided to you was helpful in resolving your issue. Customer satisfaction is a top priority here at Blizzard Entertainment, and we would like your feedback on the level of service you have received. Your response would be very much appreciated.

Are you serious? Lets just say I am pretty pissed right now so I pity anyone who pushes my buttons today. So the For The Horde and Old School raids might be pretty fun today

Friday, October 23, 2009

Etiquette After KIlling Someone

So in WoW there are not rules by a way to properly deal with someone after you kill them. There is no disrespect among players and therefore these should be followed so that you may set a proper example.

/point, /laugh, /violin, /Facpalm: Using these after owning someone shows them not only did you think they were absolutely horrible, but that you enjoyed killing them more than they ever will know. Some might think this would be rude, but jsut tell them you are following Gauss' rules

Dancing on Corpse: Common practice used to stretch out ones extremities after the exhausting effort of killing someone. The person you do this to will appreciate the gesture since it will show them killing them was a difficult feat.

Spit on them: The person you killed will appreciate you trying to polish their armor that way when they are put in their casket they will look more presentable. Good on you!

The Teabag: Some think this is a sign of disrespect but in most cultures this is a ancient sign of respect among combatants. There you should take bring in someone giving you this honor.

Piercing you with a Banner: This marks you as a worth opponent so that you are recognized for all to see that you have fallen.

Corpse Camp You: This is done because they believe you will come back to live another day and want to be there to greet you for achieving such a feat. They also Believe you are unkillable so they will most likely try to do so again and again to prove they cannot keep you dead.

Logging on other Faction and Bragging: This guys is a douche. That is all.

Old school raids tomorrow night after 9 sometime. If your interested be on around that time and look for the start of them. Cya all then

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today is a Good Day to Complain

So I have been wanting to do this for awhile but then I always have had something else to write about so I kept putting it off. But today after all is a good day to complain.

  • So we all love our Halloween Brooms and of course I do as well. The awesomeness of a Cow on a broom is beyond words. But of course I have found a problem. When you are in Dalaran it is treated as a land mount obviously, but when you get on the landing it should change to a dam flying mount. It doesn't so you have to dismount and remount again. Like come on wtf fix this.

  • Why does blizzard insist on making us covert our badges down each rank. This is just stupid. I want to use my conquests to get a god dam gem. I don't want to convert them to valor then to heroism so I am finally able to buy it. Let us convert to all lower ranks from each rank. This could save 30 seconds of my life every time I get a badge.

  • Fireworks stack in 5. This is just stupid and needs to be fixed. Fixed like Bagellord's mother should have been before he was born.

  • Why is my backpack only 16 slots. Like honestly this was too small 5 years ago and its still the dam same. But hey we got a free penguin pet for converting our accounts.

  • When I am disenchanting something and someone trades with me. It cancels it, WHY! This happens with no other dam profession. I would prefer to start trading guildies back their crap while disenchanting so I can get some spare bag space. Like come on this is stupid.

  • There is STILL no horde flight path in western plaguelands. STILL! You can put like 400 mailboxes in Dalaran but still cannot add a stupid flight path here. This is enough to make me want to go outside and kill some kittens. If only I wasn't busy walking to WP from UC.

  • Speaking of UC we can mount here. Thank you Blizzard. Oh but wait my Tauren Brothers and I can't fit through the dam archways while mounted because we are too big. Can we please fix this problem so we can actually mount where we can mount. This is probably a problem in that hell hole know as Silvermoon but hey I never go there so I can't complain.

  • So I have all these tabards and extra gear that just sits in my bank and bags. Blizzard you give us all these RP items to have fun with, but then we have no places to put them because our banks are too small. Give us closest kind of on the same idea as the keyring. This would make me happy.

  • You know sometimes my legs get tired standing around and there is no bench in sight. So why not a portable chair. So then when waiting for that retard who doesn't have a flight path or no clue how to accept a summon I can chill in my chair and not on the ground. Make it Happen!

  • We have armory to check peoples gear and achievements to know what they have done. So let's extend this by having a place to check peoples WoW Intelligence. I honestly want to know if this tool has died in a fire.

  • So with Cooking you realized it took way too long. I applaud you on this. So like cooking why not give us something like the hate to speed up the crafting process. My ideas are as follows: Sewing Machine for Tailors, Co-op Student for Engineers, Welding torch for Blacksmiths, polishing cloth for Jewlcrafters, Utility Knife fro Leather workers, and a hit of Speed for a Alchemist.

That is all I got on my mind for now. I am sure if I was a ret pally I could go on for days with much ease., but alas I am not.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Fail at Being a Guild Master If...

So I thought it was time to bring back every ones favourite you fail at ____ if.. So I will take this from my own page and do it about a Guild Master.

  • If you use the basic rank names. Be original you idiot!
  • You don't have a Tabard. Included in this is if when advertising your guild one of its major accomplishments is you have a tabard.
  • You don't have a 5 tab guild bank. Come on you cheap ass give something back you useless tool
  • You don't have a /gremove macro to kick people for random laughs
  • You don't see the point in allowing random conversations occur through public notes.
  • You become a puppet to your officer. This is WoW and not the US "run" by Bush.
  • You're Emo and want everyone to be your Dr. Phil. Grow a pair and do your job. Emo people only deserve one rank "tickle me Emo"
  • You have a stupid guild name. And by stupid I mean when people walk by you they look at you like you are a moron.
  • You recruit through the trade channel. This screams completely full of fail.
  • Your intellectual capacity is comparable to that of Bagellord
  • You put your birthday on the calendar in hope that people will care. Sorry you have no friends live with it or go die in a fire.
  • Your motivational speeches involve phrases such as "SUCK LESS", "OMG KILL IT", "50 DKP MINUS"
  • Your name is a sentence. This is fail for anyone, but I just thought of this now so had to throw it in.
  • Your Guild Message of the Day is like your personal ad
  • Your Mom is a member
  • You have no website
  • Your progression mentions your ability to clear Naxx
  • Your Guild Info Tab lists your real life hopes and dreams. One of these being "moving out of my mom's basement"

And of Course

  • You are a Ret Pally

Ya ya bring the bitching!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting a Gaussian Response

First off thank you all for all the tells, comments, and emails. I know I don't respond to them all because frankly I don't have the time to do so or I really just have absolutely know clue what you are asking for. There will be some people I will just ignore outright because well you didn't bring anything to the table or apparently me calling you a dumbass push one of those buttons that sets you off like a raving lunatic. Anyways, today I decided I would give you all basically a guide to what is more than likely to get a response from yours truly.

  • Hate Mail is a great way to get an answer from me mostly because I will enjoy trying to insult you further by the same method you are complaining about. For example if you complain I am spamming and tell me to stop I will most likely spam something else. If you complain how my jokes offend someone I will make sure to give you more tidbits of insults concerning the same topic. This is basically where you find out I don't care what you think so I feel I have a duty to prove it to you.

  • People always ask me for gold. I couldn't give a crap that you don't have epic flying or that you just need 50g to respec. Why are you turning this into my problem in the first place? I didn't spend all your gold. So getting to the point if you ask for gold I will most likely ignore you, but if have some sort of cause to support making it interesting(ask Lytol how this goes) or be so ridiculously stupid that I have to respond to you in an effort to understand exactly what you are asking for. So I guess know I should expect random gibberish.

  • So I get many random whispers be it "hello", "how are you?", "So you're Gauss". I obviously can't respond to all of these, but I do respond to those that stick out. So the question would be how do I? I find if you mention someone I know or something you may have did with myself this leans me to the point where I am intrigued on why you are stalking me. So you most likely will get an answer from me even if it's just "you're creeping me out"

  • Ask for Pi! I am always interested in the people that ask for it. Do they want people to to think that I recognize their existence or do they just want to see the aftermath of the power of Pi. My theory is still out on this one and results can only be achieved with more testing so ask away!

  • Tell me you hate ret pallys. Sure fire way to get me to respond almost instantly. We will laugh about random idiots like the time Herc pushed the button on Mimi and just go on and on about how like pretty much all of them are useless tools. This is especially entertaining if you are a ret pally. Ah good times.

  • Pretending your a former guildmate will ensure I will talk with you until I either figure it out your not or I already knew it wasn't and your ability to entertain me has passed. In this regard I always like to hear from people from back in the day.

  • Talk about something useless in trade. If I am there you will hear from me. Now this my not be the attention you want as being compared to Bagellord is never a good thing. But look at the bright all of the Gauss Nation will be bitching at you as well people will think you actually have friends!

  • Make an alt or a Guild. People seem to want to get my opinion on the naming of their toons and their guilds. I am happy to give my two copper on the subject and be your critic. I know then it will be that much more entertaining to see that guild or alt run by me. Shoutout to [Lincoln Wiped on Opera].

  • Become a supplier of mine. You see my guild goes through countless supplies of pretty much everything. My guild is different in the fact that we provide everything for every raid so I am always in need of supplies to keep things topped off. SO becoming a supplier you not only get to make some good coin, but you also get to speak with yours truly. I will also try my best not to humiliate you because after all you would be my mats bitch.

  • Having interest in joining the guild will always get a reply. This could though be hit or miss. If I am in a good mood and you app is not up to par(good mood) I will be upfront and tell you what you need to work on or improve in order to get a shot. If I am not in a good mood and you app is utterly horrible(bad mood). I will pretty much tell you so and most likely make you cry. Please don't go tell your mother and get her to bitch back at me. I don't want to let her realize giving birth to you was a mistake. So be careful you have been warned


  • Do something stupid! Look at Bagellord I talk to this guy all the time. Well maybe talk is not the right word. He doesn't even care that I am making fun of him. He is eternal a complete and useless noob and yet more recognizable than 90% of the people on the server. Interesting how things work out.

Keep them all coming I am sure now it is going to get much more interesting

Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's Make City Raids Better

So everyone who knows me knows that I enjoy doing For The Horde runs. Ya it all started because I wanted to get everyone on the Horde side their Black War Bear, but now it is like the thing to do. This past weekend though at the end of each run I took the raid around and totally massacred Ironforge. Killing all the NPCs and any players who decided to attack us.

This has got me thinking about what Blizzard could add to the game to make these city raids occur more, and give people a reason to do them besides achievements. Besides even people who ahte PvP love a good ass kicking. Like yesterday for example when were owning everyone in site in Ironforge in from of the Bank and the Auction house corpses were everywhere, but when I finally went down, and I will say it seemed to take them forever I actually enjoyed how I was instantly teabagged to no end by the mass of alliance not to mention spiked with quite a number of banners. This is why these raids are fun I want the alliance to hate me with a passion. So to all you alliance yesterday I am glad my death made your day. I will be sure to pay you all back next weekend.

Getting back on topic. So Kùsh and I were talking as I was running back to my corpse yesterday and were discussing things which could be added to city raids to make them have a pretty epic feel and of course for them to occur more often.

Recording Leader Kills: They record everything else so I am quite surprised this isn't recorded. Something so simple and yet something which would allow people to brag how they owned that bitch so many times. Get this done!

Fire: So how awesome would it be to be able to set fire to a city? Buildings, monuments, bridges, walk ways, and so on. Not to mention this could also cause damage to anyone or anything running through it. Think about it your supposed to be at war of course you want to see that place be burned to the ground. Extra bonus if you can set fire to your own factions cities as I would be right there on patch day ready to burn Silvermoon.

Destructible Buildings: They have these in Battlegrounds, in Raid instances, so why not incorporate them into the major cities? So instead of just killing the auctioneers and the bankers you take the building down on their asses. That was from a movie and now I wish I knew what it was. Anyways think about how epic something like this would be. Of course you would have to work in respawns and such, but it could be done.

Pillage: When you attack or take over a city you take and use everything you can find. This would have to be worked out so that it wasn't overpowered, but almost marking it a reward for attacking a city just like loot you get for killing a boss. Simple thing to add just needs to be added correctly.

Bounty for Players: Just think if you could post rewards for killing specific players. Would not only be entertaining to know who is after you but even better when these people try and fail at killing you.

Siege Vehicles: Let us buy them. People like Wintergasp because of the feeling behind assaulting with these things. Imagine a line of these outside a major city ready to kill anything and everything in its path. This certainly would bring back the War in Warcraft.

Theft: You know in University when you went into said departments building and took something form them. Could have been a statue, a pet, or some silly trinket. It didn't matter, what mattered was that you were successful in taking it and you now had bragging rights. Imagine displaying something like this like we do the heads of dragons this would really get peoples attention.

my favourite

Graffiti: Ya I want to spray paint "GAUSS OWNED YOUR ASS" or "GAUSS WAS HERE" all over your city. The satisfaction I would get out of this would be the same as downing a boss. Not to mention the reminder it would give people as they walked by till it "despawned"

These are just some of my ideas. As I am sure you have more. World PvP is something I love to do when I am not doing anything else so ways to make it more engaging and hence creating more participation is something I would look forward to. As always tell me what you think and be sure to tell me your own ideas.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

OMG It's Bagellord!!!!

So I went to Brill expecting the start of the Hallows End holiday. That is when I am on my way there someone tells me that none other than our special friend Bagellord is chilling there. As always when I go somewhere people tend to crowd around. Good thing personal space doesn't exist in WoW otherwise this would have been pretty invasive.

Anyways I stood right in front of Bagellord and of course when I pointed at him everyone went nuts. "OMG ITS BAGELLORD!!" along with the standard /cheer , /gasp, /facepalm and all of the emotes you would expect. When of course I had to ask him "So how do you like being famous?" being clueless he responded "I am Famous?" Apparently he was as quick as he ever was.

Brill ended up getting pretty busy awaiting the Headless Horseman, and everyone who came Bagellord seemed to be proud telling everyone he was famous. I am not sure he has read anything I have written about him, but either way he seemed pretty excited with all the attention he was getting. Isn't it great how I could make some one's day like that? Who cares if he didn't know it was a more laughing at him then with him kinda thing if he is completely clueless about it what does it matter?

So here is to you Bagellord a God among noobs and a possible punch line to every joke. At a time like this there is only one thing to do really. In honor of Bagellord here it is my first tribute video

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Fav Music Videos

So today before the For The Horde raid I was on vent with a couple of guildies and some how we got talking about WoW videos. There are a lot of them out there and I try to watch any that people point me towards. To me there was basically two types of them Music Videos or full blown out shows/Movies etc. So I thought I would point you all to some of the Music variety by making a top 10 list. This I am basing on how good I liked the song combined with how good I thought the video was.

10) Ni Hao(A Gold Farmers Story) Nyhm ft. Summergale: Nyhm I am pretty sure everyone knows and Summergale appears in many of his videos. This is a parody and not a original song, but either way it was well put together and the video isn't that bad either. So I don't think I would get any complaints about this making the list.

9) That's The World of Warcraft That You Play: This is an old one, but it still is one of the funniest and best WoW songs there is. So for all you newer players who don't understand why a lot of this is funny it just reminds me I have played this game too long.

8)Slaughter Your World, Looking for Group: Richard is just awesome. If you don't know anything about LFG I suggest you read the comic it is an extremely funny and good read. The only reason this isn't higher is because it is just simple animation, but every time I hear this I do laugh my ass off.

7)Epic Raids by Oxhorn: Oxhorn is maybe the most recognizable machinamator there is in regards to WoW. He probably deserves a lot of credit for getting this genre to where it is today. Enjoy this one is a great one.

6) Take My Quest by Sharm: Now most people probably have never heard of Sharm. In my opinion she has one of the best voices of all the people who do this. So she deserves a lot of credit for her ability and it helps that this video she did not make and had the help of ViKarious Productions. It all comes together nicely.

5)Horde For Life by Decision, Nayders and Gigi: Maybe this one is a little lower than it should be because it's about Horde, but who cares! I always like the videos when people get together always seems that I expect more out of it. Here I wasn't disappointed either. Zharkan16 put this one together and he did everything justice.

4)Honor Killz by A6: Now as I said above that when people get together normally gets something pretty awesome. This video has probably one of the best machinamator's there is redeyelobine. I know no one will be disappointed with that in regards to this video.

3)Don't Make Me Get My Main by Cranius: This won the best movie at Blizzcon and rightfully so. I think the ending is what makes this movie as epic as it is. Of course the whole story behind it makes it great as well.

2) ROFLMAO by Oxhorn: I know a lot of you are saying this video and song are just absolutely stupid. This is where you are wrong. This video is probably one of the greatest videos the internet has.

1)Big Blue Dress by Cranius: I am pretty sure this has a hold on the greatest song ever written about WoW. Now in regards to video quality I know this may not be as good as the others, but this song has had probably 100s of videos made because of the song itself. So to me this warrants my choice of it being the best. The gnome background singers are a nice touch also.

Well those are my choices. Tell me what you think and even if you think I missed one. Who knows I may not have seen it. Feedback is always welcome even if I complain about my emails and in game mail being jammed. It is good to know people like to hear what I have to say.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Change It Up

So today is Friday in case you all didn't know. So what does Friday mean? Well it means it means For The Horde of course. So we went and did the run as normal and to my surprise for the first time everyone stayed at the bottom of the stairs in Exodar! I know can you believe it? I am actually still in shock that it happened. I don't know what was more unlikely that happening or having like 10 druids in the raid. Anyways we did every city pretty flawlessly I must say the new IF strat I think is win although I do miss controlling the Yeti population. Maybe I should have some people just go there and do it.

So here I was in IF and nothing to complain about and nothing to tell this group that they really messed up. This is not to say that everything was perfect. There was someone without epic riding.... Ya you actually saw me type that. There was also someone who kept yelling even when I told him to stop maybe his call centre is in India or something. Anyways so what did I decide to do when the king died? I did what I always wanted to do. BURN IRONFORGE TO THE GROUND!!!!

We purged the city of everything even that stupid gnome king. I want his shrink-ray by the way. Been a long time since I went to the explorers hall. This actually got me thinking you need to actually be able to burn things. How about Bliz makes that happen. That would be some cool stuff wouldn't you say? Where was I? Oh yes BURNING IRONFORGE TO THE GROUND!!! So we went around killing everything when sadly the ground slowly started to dwindle.

This apparently was happening quicker than I notice as when we were in the mystic ward and they finally came and killed us. At this point we were down to 10... So 10 vs 30+ wasn't really a good thing. I must thank all the alliance for the teabags I receive I know you guys are awesome for killing me you can now go tell all your friends you got to teabag Gauss. At least you will have a story you can rewrite so that it makes you sound like you achieved something.

I will say though when I rezzed and killed that druid, lock, and pally in my tank gear and prot spec was pretty epic. So maybe dancing on their corpses and spamming Pi wasn't the best of ideas. The raid comes back and I get owned mauled. Sorry Irule you rezzed into a mess.

So to spirit rez or not to spirit rez? Course not! I went back and Irule and I killed in the basement of one of the houses drinking our kegs. Might I say Ironforge needs to taurenize their homes it would really increase the value. Anyways this got boring especially when some how I got killed through a wall, like wtf Bliz. So I ported out. Good fun and thanks Irule for sticking around hope you had some fun. When your somewhere with Gauss its always an adventure!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something For the Life of Me I Never Expected

So I get a lot of emails and in game mails asking for things or shoutouts. Even outrageous topics for blog posts. In addition to play by play of peoples raids in the hopes I will write about it. Sadly, I can't please or accommodate everyone and yet over a thousand people come here and check out my blog everyday.

Now some of this has caused some interesting happenings in game. Some I wished never happened, but I guess it is still part of the whole experience. I can only imagine what Nyhm, Cranius or Oxhorn go through on a daily basis. But when I check my email today in my office I got something I never would expected and I will share it with you all.

Dear Gauss,

I am writing this to you because my son has asked me to do so. He says he met you playing World of Warcraft. You seem to be his idol or at least someone he looks up to. He follows your blog as much as he can and has told me many things you have said. He thought they were humorous but I did not understand them. That is not to say I reflect the opinions of most people so take no offense. I was actually rather intrigued by his opinion of you because I thought you were just someone his age he met online. When he told me what he knew about you though I was quite surprised someone such as yourself would play the same game he does. So I guess I have a lot to learn.
To get to the point of my letter I will tell you a little about my son's situation. His name is Kevin, he is thirteen years old, and has been fighting leukemia for two years now. He had been responding well to treatment until just five days ago. Since then he has stabilized, but has progressed further. The doctors say he can improve and I hope and pray everyday that he will.
This is why I am writing this to you. He has written you several times and you have not responded to him. He tells me this is because you do not respond to anyone. So he asked me to write this letter in hope that you would respond to him. I know you do not know him and this request may seem rather trivial, but he does look up to you. It would mean so much to him and our family if you took the time to write him back. It does not even have to be much just something he can appreciate.

I thank you for your time,

Now obviously I blocked out the contact information for the obvious reasons, and I am not even sure I should have posted this here. I never thought I could have such an impact or even think I could. For those wondering I did write a reply and sent it back not too long ago. I hope it will be what Kevin is hoping for. Thinking about this I couldn't fathom being a parent in this situation let alone writing a letter to a complete stranger your son knows from a video game. That does sound pretty crazy actually. I commend her courage as should all of you for that couldn't have been easy.

Please today I ask that you keep your comments clean out of respect. Tomorrow you can all go back to your normal selves.

Good Luck Kevin I know the Gauss Nation will be thinking about you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Rolled Horde

So with the bickering that was on Thanksgiving and the Canadian vs American arguement I thought this would be an interesting take on the I AM CANADIAN ad from a few years back. Here that is and now my Warcraft take on it.

I'm not a Demon
or a murderer
And I don't live in a cave
or eat children or own a zeppelin
And I don't know
Tunk, Tamk, or Salze from Orgrimmar
Although I'm sure they're really really noob
I have a Warchief not a King
I speak Orcish and Taurahe not Common
And I pronounce it "Llane" not "Lalane"
I can proudly sew my Guild's crest on my tabard
I believe in the Earthmother not Elune
Bloodlust not Heroism
And that the Kodo is a truly proud and noble animal.
A robe is a dress a hawkstrider is a chocobo
And it is pronounced "G-OW-ss" not "G-Ah-ss", "G-OW-SS"!
Mulgore is the 2nd largest starting zone
The 1st Nation of Taurens
And the best part of Kalimdor

As always tell me how I did. This actually might be funny to make my own video of, but then I would actually need the time to do so.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your Point in Life and Its Link to WoW

So Sx gave me this idea a couple days ago and it intrigued me. Why you may ask? It would be an idea which would basically offend everyone in some way or another. So obviously this is great in every way possible.

13 and Under: Your a dam kid who sits at a computer endlessly and never goes outside. You are obviously overweight and your only friend is your cat which hisses at you whenever you are near it. You have to constantly go afk to check your blood sugar, and fill up your bowl of who knows what that your seemingly non existent parents left you with. I would say you play WoW because your life sucks, which is obviously true, but sadly I am pretty sure someone like you has a much worse WoW experience.

High school Student: You think you are it and everyone who knows you doesn't have the heart to tell you, you're a failure. The only people you talk to also play WoW and are impressed at how you were able to clear Naxx. Because you think you know best about everything you rolled a ret pally because "they own". Is it any wonder that you have a night dancing as a screen saver who keeps you company at night?

University Student: So you finally moved away from home(Well maybe you could be a mama's boy/girl) and are out on your own. But yet you are doing the samething you did at home sit in front of the computer screen and play WoW. You are though finally pumped you don't have your mother screaming at you to go to bed and thankfully don't have to make up any more excuses as to why you dc'd again during the raid the previous night. If only you actually talked to someone who wasn't 0's and 1's.

Out of School Live Alone: Your only room that appears to be lived in is the one with the computer in it. Everything else is spotless besides the dust. Your meals are all microwaved which is actually located at the end of your desk so you don't have to get up. Fridge you say? Well that's on the floor on the other side of the desk. The last time you saw a "friend" was when you went to Gamespot to buy your Game Card and the guy remembered your name. Don't worry one day you will meet someone who isn't connected to the game....well here is hoping for you.

You're Married or Close to it: So you live with someone. Maybe I should say grats because its not your parents and this would be a huge accomplishment for a WoW player. If they play the game you probably met on the Internet somehow and are basically two very creepy or messed up people. If both remind me never to get caught with you in a dark place. Anyways, if not then there was a time when you were "normal" or at least appeared to be. The other person constantly reminds you of these times and wants the person they married back. If he/she hasn't left you they will just give it sometime. This could have all been avoided you know if you didn't turn down sex for them purples.

Oh No You Have Kids: This is awful if you both play because I am getting this vision off them locked in a cage or on leashes. If its just you then what I said above happens when you are alone with them. Remind me to call social services if anyone owns up to that. When they kids start wanting to play its when you get the question "You are going to have to choose Warcraft or your life?" you look right at them and your response is as follows "and if Warcraft is my life?".

You're Retired: This just screams Pedo. You are playing a game with a bunch of people significantly younger than you some of which are children. You hang out with them, joke with them, and log on everyday to do the same. You honestly think this is ok? Try going to a playground doing the same things and see how fast someone calls the cops.

Hate mail can be sent to me as always. Remember I will always respond to hate mail because I have fun making you hate me even more. Enjoy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time to Give Thanks

So today is Thanksgiving. Even to all you Americans who celebrate it on the wrong day. Anyways, I was thinking about what I would write about today and totally forgot this is like a given topic to do. So sorry Sx I will do your idea later in the week so don't worry I didn't forget about you.

So on this day we are supposed to give thanks for all that has gone on in the past year and beyond. So I will do this Warcraft style.

  • I am thankful I am part of and lead the greatest guild in WoW Three Score. We were the top horde and considered the top server guild in BC. We will get that status back guys just need a little more work. Give me something to be thankful for next year. I am thankful you have all stuck with me.
  • I would like to thank the RNG for being nice to me over the past year with respect to Weapons at least. I have always seemed to be cursed in this aspect, but it seems it has switched its way of pissing me off to mounts.
  • I would like to thank Pacomoon for being my 100,000 honorable kill. This was a long time coming. 3 years in fact for my last 10,000 kills. Anyways its done now so thank you to everyone and anyone who either helped me get those kills or was one of them.
  • I would like to thank Pi for being Irrational because then I can use it as an excuse for my behaviour
  • I would like to thank all the people who have reported me for spamming trade. This has allowed me to know many GMs by name and makes it much easier when having conversations with them.
  • I would like to thank Prat for its alias function this way I will never forget who that dam alt is.
  • I would to thank Bagellord for being so horrible that he has redefined the word. We all now have a way to compare horrible people.
  • I would like to thank Jakezombie for the term "Jakin It".
  • Along the same lines I would like to thank Hercules for they saying "Pulling a Herc"
  • I would like to thank the clueless idiots who showed us how to activate Shade of Akama hard mode
  • I would like to thank Ret Pallys for always giving me something to make fun of when I am out of ideas
  • I would like to thank the people that mail me random crap and clog my mailbox. You never know when you have enough ice cream, mariner's Log, rum, luffas, and whatever other crap I get.
  • I would like to thank the haters that take the time to read everything I write then bitch at me about it. You are the reason I will keep writing things people may find offensive. Are all the Naga's still in Slave Pens btw?
  • I would like to thank the Gauss Nation for all the ideas and the support to keep this going. As long as you all are a part of it there is a reason to write.
  • I would like to thank Cranius for his Songs that amuse me.

And lastly I would like to thank the person who I owe everything to. She lets me play, accepts me for who I am, and keeps my fridge stocked with Dr. Pepper.

Love you Babe

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Run My Rules

So here I was yesterday helping out people running some Outland raids. Anyone who runs these with me knows it my rules and basically just do whatever I want. I Master Loot because I can and basically sometimes I just asks who wants this and the first to speak up gets it. This is because these are level 70 raids I couldn't give two shits about who gets what. I am here doing the nice thing running people through this crap.

So people know this and people know I am set in my ways. It is just one of those things. Hell when we went into TK I said if the mount drops I am going to take it. People laughed either because they knew I wasn't kidding or they were laughing at the people typing in raid chat asking if I was kidding. So obviously I give a useless explanation because maybe I want to enlighten most of the idiots in the group how the encounter is supposed to be done. Anyways we killed Kael with me making fun of a limited about of people, and as always the boss dropped purple stuff.

So I do my thing giving anything and everything to anyone I felt like. When some tool in the raid says roll for [Verdant Sphere] I am saying on vent they are wasting their time because I am just going to give it to whomever I feel like. He goes on to track all the rolls and noticed he tied for the highest roll. He apparently thinks this is the greatest day in his WoW career. I am still talking on vent that he is wasting his time while giving instructions on where to go next. When he wins the roll off with the other douche who actually thinks he has a shot at getting this. He keeps talking that he won the roll and that I can now loot it to him. He did something everyone knows you don't do. He told Gauss how to run his raid. I know now all the Gauss Nation is either laughing or can't wait to see what I did next so here goes.

I just looted it to some other random guy. The guy flips out saying WTF I WON THE ROLL. I of course respond there was no roll and this isn't a democracy. He then is like begging the guy in raid chat to give it to him. I of course told him not to or he would be gone. In fact I think my exact suggestion was to open trade with him put it in and keep canceling it. Now I wish I looted it for myself, someone remind me to do that next time. Anyways this guy is Level 74 and this item would be useless for him anyway. He says he is going to go tell everyone what I did and screwed him out of loot. I tried to motivate him to do so. So lets hope he is as stupid as he sounds.

He goes on to protest by staying by Kael's corpse and refusing to leave until he gets his sphere. By this time we are summoning all the retards who didn't know where BT was. He keeps bitching when of course I got someone to replace him so had no use no did I find his bitching entertaining after 15 minutes. So bye goes the dumbass from the raid. At least we had someone specific to make fun of for the BT run.

So quickly to avoid this from happening lets review how these are done.

  • I give loot to whomever I want. If I like you you will get loot that simple. If you ask for loot or are a ret pally don't expect anything.
  • If I want something its mine. Don't complain I hate people who complain.
  • Don't tell me how to do things. This won't be good for you.
  • It will entertain me when clueless people die. So expect me to try and get you killed
  • I will make fun of everyone for something or another. If you are still in the raid while I am doing this you should feel good about yourself.
  • I do these for fun, when it is not fun there is no reason to do them

Next Saturday will do the runs again. I need to do BWL and I promised some people Mount Hyjal. So at least those 2 are on the schedule.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

People Trying and Yet Failing

So here I am quite hung over and pissed off because of it. So I will use this to bitch about something which has been bugging me lately. It seems the popularity of this Blog is growing very quickly getting 1000+ hits a day from WoW people all alike. I get plenty of emails on topics I should do and asking if I remember people who I grouped with 4 years ago. This is all well and good and its great to get feedback to know people either enjoy or dislike what I have written. Yes I enjoy all the hate mail too knowing how people can take offense to simple jokes. Anyways all this I am cool with so keep it coming its this other form that people do to try to get my attention that kinda bugs me.

So it appears to be this new thing that people want to be the next topic on my blog. It seems Bagellord enjoys the fame I have given him and others want the same. These people are trying the most retarded things in order to get me to notice. I had one guy follow me around wherever I went for an entire night. The last thing I need is a WoW stalker. Someone else decided to whisper me spelling words up and down instead of left and right. Then get the random person screaming and yelling at me like trying to get me to react to them.

So I like how people want to play a part, but this just isn't the way to do it. Yes some of it is funny and maybe its stupid for me to complain about this, because it is peoples interest in what I am doing which is causing them to do so. Just give me an idea, and like always I will give you the props for it. Just don't act like a complete moron just to get noticed its stupid and just not worth it.

Contribute, interact, and tell me you like my posts in game. Just don't do this its gotten beyond getting on my nerves.

Old School raids tonight starting sometime after 9 by there and ready if you wanna join up. We will do all that we can in the set amount of time. Cya all then

Friday, October 9, 2009

How to do a Gauss For The Horde Run

So how do I do so many of these runs and how are they so successful even when I am bringing a bunch of clueless idiots. So I thought since I won't be able to run my scheduled run today I will fill in the Gauss Nation and anyone else actually pretty simple method I use to get the job done.

First off no one likes an asshole, but they will listen to one. I tend to do this by basically telling everyone what I think about them right off the bat. Lines you might see me say are "I know your all a bunch of retards", "Yes, I know you that special kind of stupid", or "This group really is a bunch of morons" this sets the stage for the rest of the raid.

Next make sure people with shitty computers know that you will make fun of them endlessly and most importantly you won't let their lag end up slowly the group. Common line here would be "If you have a shitty computer turn your settings down. If your not sure it's shitty so turn them down. If you don't know how you are a failure and please leave before you cry to your mother because I kicked you" I find this works well. Feel free to use this or come up with your own.

I like to meet at Zoram Strand because if people don't know where it is it amuses me to make fun of them as well as when can unite the group by all making fun of person X. Also this is also a good way to find the slackers in the group because they will ask over and over for a summon. This is a good time to remove these people and laugh at them when they complain about it in whispers to you.

Running up the coast of Darkshore is fun because you can see how much fail people are bringing to the group. Apparently following is a hard thing to do. Be sure to make fun of the people that lag behind by instructing the raid to point and laugh at these people. The goal is to teach they they are horrible and that you don't give two shits about any of them. This also enforces the point that you are indeed an asshole.

Go to Darnassus first because if people fail there you can get out of it with ease. Make sure everyone kills guards and stays back. I joke around saying "no one is too awesome to kill guards" Be sure to summon the failures before you get on the boat and laugh at all the people who fell off the dock.

After Darnassus head back out the same way and make fun of anyone who died. Because in order to die they had to be a) low level and in this case they fail already, b)went the wrong way therefore an idiot and lucky to still be in the group, or c) just a complete retard who somehow died there they know its coming.

Do Exodar next because its a joke to do and its close by. If people actually came to defend I would be pretty impressed. Pull Velen to the bottom of the stairs and if the raid somehow stays at the bottom I will be quite impressed because I have yet to see this happen.

Stormwind is next and it gets much harder. Assign groups for the defence in the Keep. The low levels are good for this job because you could careless if they die anyway, and they will feel special that you are actually giving them something worth while to do. Make some comment about Bagellord and not jumping off the boat. If people are talking like they know crap make fun of them because they are horrible if this group has just been thrown together and they got in on it.

I used to warn melee about the kings whirlwind now I just /facepalm when they stand in and get hit by it and get themselves killed. I realized that yes WoW is full of retards and there is nothing I can do about it so enjoy their failure and have fun with it. Once the king goes down have all the tools who died release and spirit rez and when they complain about having to do so make fun of them for dying and crying to you about it.

Ironforge is next and last and I suggest reorganizing you raid and not assaulting through the Tram. Because this seems to lend itself to people doing there own thing and you can be easily ambushed using this method. Of course don't tell people where you are meeting up the less dumbass' that know the better.

Once you reorganize let the retards know they can can do it if they listen. Arrange a path that doesn't run through the centre of the city and you will be fine. Remind them all to Line of sight the and nuke the boss with alliance that come and join the fray as first priority for killing. Also when people are obviously not LoS of the doorway remind the bunch of morons what LoS actually. This is when I usually reflect at how these bunch of tools made it this far. After they kill him give the morons their grats and how it took like 20 minutes to kill a boss with 5 million HP. Get a mage to port out and then get the hell out of there. And that all is how Gauss runs For The Horde.

So Fridays FTH is canceled at least at myself running it and Saturdays is up in the air. Saturday night should be good for Old School remember to message Kùsh if you want to know what we are running that evening. Enjoy your Thanksgiving long weekend, and to all you Americans who don't know when Thanksgiving is learn that Canada owns you. That is all!