Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! And Sunday of a long weekend making it an even better Sunday because the Monday which follows isn't truly a Monday. Makes as much as something I said the other day "That's all you, but... that's just me". One of those things where it made sense when you were saying it but when you say it again it just makes you shake your head. Anyways, it is Sunday so let's do this Ask Gauss thing.

So there is a lot more datamined information coming out of D3 have you taken a look at it and what are your thoughts?

Honestly, so far I haven't found anything I haven't liked about the new stuff coming in D3. Sure I have some concerns but I will wait for Blizzcon and when they make their big reveal about D3. You see I am not one of those people who just hated on Diablo III just because it was the "cool" thing to do. Believe it or not I think Diablo III is a great game. It used an older style of game in a new gaming age. This is why I think it got a lot of critizism which to me made no sense. Sure there were things I would have changed but it by no means made it as I have heard "a complete and horrible game".

Anytime someone says D3 is a horrible game to you ask them to explain why. They really have no reason why it is horrible. They may give you some reasons why they dislike certain aspects of it or they may have no even played it and just want to be part of the "cool" kids club. Regardless I got off topic. I am liking everything I have seen from the datamines and really so far it may be the part of Blizzcon I am most excited for.

Is Beyond:Two Souls going to give The Last of US a run for its money for game of the year?

Beyond:Two Souls has an amazing story keeps you involved in the game and always makes you want to know more about what is going on. It is a game I would recommend to gamers and non gamers alike for all of those aspects. I don't think anyone who would play it or watch it could say in good conscience say it wasn't a great game. With all of that being said No there is no competition and really anyone who says otherwise really needs to think.

The Last of Us is a masterpiece a generation game. It probably is the best story based game I have ever played. I am thinking of playing Uncharted 2 again just to make this point to myself. There is no competition and I don't see how anyone could argue this isn't the game of the year at the very least.

Fumiest thing you have heard?

Soul Calibur 6 is being delayed over how big Ivy's breasts should be in the next game. Actually not sure if this is funny or sad.

Questions answered for the week! Hope you all got something out of them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend long or short!

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  1. What about voldo's ass that is just as important!