Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You Fail At Magicka If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week once again. This past week has been all about messing around with Magicka as you could see from all the pictures being posted on the newly created facebook page can access it on the side of the page or /gaussafication. Yes I know that was awful push in that direction, but it was done. Anyways, since I have been having fun playing figured it was a perfect opportunity to throw it into a Fail Day

You Fail At Magicka If...

  • You are unsure why MacLeod isn't dying
  • You don't laugh why seeing a pile of princesses in a castle
  • You don't find enjoyment in randomly killing someone in your group
  • You purposely kill yourself because you lost your frost cleaver
  • You have yet to kill anyone but yourself when summoning death
  • You don't wonder why thunderbolt seems to favour killing people in your party
  • You run into vortexes
  • You feel running through your grease fire was a good idea
  • The concept of opposites is rather confusing
  • You didn't enjoy destroying the entire goblin civilization
  • You think grenades and bombs give you haste buffs
  • You don't try to pick out which game every zone is from
  • You don't make attempts to randomly speak like the characters at random points during your day
  • You were unaware Vlad was a vampire

Hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. The game is fun in multiplayer but I find the challenge isn't there. Regardless is a game with a ton of fun and references to be found

  2. Way to spoil it. How did you know Vlad was a vampire...