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The Tauren and the Blood Elf - Terokkar Forest

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 Happy Saturday everyone! Hope your week was as good as mine was :) My apologies for posting todays blog later than usual. I got my days mixed up. Last weeks post was the best week i've wrote so far for this blog, I got tons of new readers, and I just wanted to thank you all for the great feedback. I have been working on a few story ideas and will be posting them for the next few weeks most likely. Tell me what you guys think. Good or bad, I can handle it. Also maybe you have a story idea you'd like some help with shoot me an email and I'd be glad to contribute! Enjoy :)

Deep within Terokkar Forrest  they heard a scream that was distant but brief. They both looked at each other with curiosity  they continued their walk brushing against motes of dust that drifted lazily in a small beam of sunlight, collecting mushrooms for tomorrow nights dinner. It was to be a dinner for friends and local leaders, gathering at one table to share stories of their recent endeavors.

 After collecting all they needed, they started the journey back home, when suddenly they heard the scream again, before distant and brief this time loud and what sounded like a man screaming not in excitement, or joy, but a cry of terror. The Blood Elf and Tauren looked at each other in panic, wondering how that could be, not seeing anyone on their way into the forest.  The man screamed again. They followed his cry until they came to a cave that  looked to be in the darkest part of the forrest.

 After an hour of following the footsteps into the cave, they came across a light. A blue-green ray of light that lit another passage through the cave. The tauren insisted the Blood Elf go back to the forrest and wait patiently, but she was the stubborn kind, and convinced him to let her stay with him. They both proceeded cautiously hoping to hear the cry once more to determine which way to go, but nothing came. The footsteps of this person faded almost as if there was more than one person in and out on a regular basis.

 Not finding anything else to help them get to him they started back when the Blood Elf noticed strange markings on the caves walls. They looked to be of some kind of beast, and not a friendly one. She couldn't make out what the rest was because most of it had been faded from over time. The Tauren assured her whatever the beast was, they had to get out of the cave so they didn't have to find out for themselves whether or not it was good or bad. As soon as they turned away they dropped into some sort of hole they hadn't noticed before.

 They landed in what seemed to be a whole different part of the cave, only there was no blue light, only torches that had been lit. Which meant they were not alone. In a panic the Blood Elf drew her axe ready for combat. Heavy breathing, with wide eyes they started down the first hallway. The footsteps were in the ground again, but this time fresh. The man screamed and they charged towards the echoes ready to fight whatever they discovered.

 As they entered the first room there was a warlock standing over an worgens corpse. "What happened? Who was screaming?" the tauren yelled. "What are you guys doing down here? Have you not any respect for privacy?" the warlock shouted. The tauren slowly treaded backwards with his arm stretched out pulling the Blood Elf back with him. He didn't know what to expect of this deranged warlock. "What did you do to him warlock? We heard him screaming from the forest!" she yelled.

 The warlock gave the most uneasy smile to them both and reached for his wand, but the Blood Elf quickly stunned him. The tauren charged and also stunned him again. He quickly tore the belt off the worgens cold mouth to bind the warlock up. "What do we do now?" she said. "I'm not sure, but we can't set him free to harm other innocents." He replied. They both agreed taking this warlock to Shattrath city would be a logical maneuver. Back up thru the cave, through the forrest they noticed something strange.

 The warlock seemed to have casted a spell neither of them were familiar with. They looked at their hands, glowing that same blue-green color as the cave they panicked. "What is happening?!" the Blood Elf yelled. They hurried to the nearest camp, looking for a mage to port them to Thunderbluff. "Surely there will be a shaman who can take care of whatever sorcery this is" he said firmly. After walking what seemed to be forever, they arrived at the camp.

To be continued.

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