Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Well Butter My Biscuit

So have you ever started playing a game thinking it wasn't going to be very good, or at least not as good as everyone was saying? Then after playing it you were surprised at how much you enjoyed it. Well that is what this week's list is going to be all about. Games I only decided to play because I felt it was necessary to play them. I didn't have high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up liking them. So here they are.

5. Magicka

So I had heard for awhile that this game was actually fun. From all the trailers it looked amusing, but never really decided to actually play it. When I did I not only found the game fun and entertaining but there was some difficulty to it within the single player game. You had to think a midst all the hilarity which gets thrown around.

4. Dark Cloud

So the concept of the gaming sounded interesting. It was an Action Role Playing game and it included some city building as well. It had an interesting concept. The character though looked almost like Link and I started to get scared. I picked it up and was quite impressed how they tied everything together and how I was able to forget how much Toan looked like Link.

3. Legend of the Dragoon

When LoD came out I was a skeptic. The game was being released by Sony and it was getting rave reviews from sources which were linked to Sony. Regardless I picked up the game and everything which was said was true. The game had a story any RPG would love to have along with a combat system in a turn based style which I hope one day will make its way back.

2. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

The Assassin's Creed games while connected were not true sequels. Sure the current time period was connected to one another but part 2 brought in a new Assassin's known as Ezio one of my favourite gaming characters ever. I was scared when Brotherhood was announced because I didn't want them to ruin the character. Well they didn't ruin him they did the impossible and made him better. Brotherhood was far and away a better game than ACII which was a great game itself.

1. World Of Warcraft

I was a fan of Warcraft since Orcs and Humans and although MMOs were not a new thing they were new. I had played EQ and Final Fantasy XI and I really wasn't a fan. I didn't like the style. I figured I would play WoW and then complained how they ruined one of my favourite gaming series by turning it into and MMO. I ended up playing WoW for 7+ years and from it this blog was even born from my adventures within it. I probably would still be playing if I had the time to commit to play the way I feel it needs to be. World of Warcraft by far was the biggest surprise from any game I ever played.

There you have it this week's list. I know everyone's is different but tell me what you think or your thoughts on your own games which surprised you.


  1. I forgot Dark Cloud existed. Fun game story could have been better but the game was still pretty funny

  2. Miss you running around with your shadowmourne.

  3. 1. WoW as well (still the only MMO I've ever played, or will ever play)
    2. Portal (did anyone who hadn't heard buzz have any expectations about this game at all?)
    3. Lemmings (how is this even a thing? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WEEKEND?!)
    4. Torchlight ($20 on release?! Must be crap...)
    5. Serious Sam (I don't do shooters, let alone arcade-style ones)

    1. I can remember countless hours messing around on Lemmings. As you said time just ticks away and you don't know where it went. The Portals games are some of my favourites I think anyone who has ever played them if they knew beforehand or not has a special place for them.

  4. Honestly I thought The Last of Us was all talk till I decided to pick it up and play it. Really is the best game I have ever played and glad I made the jump and picked it up.

  5. THE REAL QUESTION IF WHEN ARE YOU RETURNING TO THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT! Your dear friends SpawnofGauss and Vinletsu are curious.