Thursday, October 24, 2013

The World We Game In

I often find myself explaining to non gamers what it actually is to be a gamer. The most common question is always why do you waste your time playing video games? My question back is always why do you think it is a waste? Is watching a movie wasting your time? Is playing hockey or any other sport? Is reading? Or is anything else people do considered wasting your time? I really think if you walked up to someone reading a book and you told them they were wasting their time they would look at you weird, and the truth is they have every right to.

Why is it video games is considered wasting someone's time? I guess it is the world we live in. I do think times have changed since I was younger though. Now there is a much more vocal gaming population. It means something to be proud of the games you play. You defend your console and your games which may rival another. Esports is bigger than I ever imagined it would be. So when will the time come when sitting down and relaxing and playing a video game for a couple hours be the same as someone reading a book, watching a movie, or shooting pucks into an empty net?

Some reading this will make reference to people playing for hours upon hours and doing nothing else. Honestly, anything you do for hours and hours will really be bad for you. Can overdue anything. There is this view how gaming is bad for the general population. When it promotes reading to kids who don't want to read books. It increasing dexterity and hand and eye coordination. It promotes teamwork and communication. It endorses critical thinking, and it brings people together from all over the world. Is there anything else in existence which can do all of these things? Nothing I know of.

Gamers deserve the same respect anyone else gets for doing something. They shouldn't be looked as wasting their time by those who don't understand or who aren't part of it. So next time someone asks you why you may be wasting your time ask them why they are wasting theirs by not gaming. The world is changing they should become apart of the change and not hinder it.


  1. Great read. Most understand but there will always be people who just think gamers are something they aren't

  2. You make some great points, but your pic steals this posts thunder.