Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Tauren, and the Blood Elf

Safiree & Gauss
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Happy Saturday everyone!! As always hope your weeks were as great as mine. I get some stories in that are quite special, and I wanted to share one of my own. Gauss and I's story of meeting. I promise this will be the only time I am cheezy. it's not. Still, i'm going to kill you with romance. <3

In the same city, we stayed. Every night, every sunrise. Tall buildings, nice people. Rooftops as wide as the horizon. Always together, but never until that night did they find what they hadn't ever found in that familiar city. On the rooftops, she always felt alive. Jumping from building to building, then landed on the building that was his own place. His escape from everything he knew to disgruntle him. She saw him there, alone. She felt as if she could watch him there for a lifetime, wondering what would change in that moment if she sat by him. Of all the things that wore her throughout her day, and got her down, seeing him there made her feel like she had been there with him before. As if that is what she was supposed to do.

 Approaching  quietly, she sat next to him. Silence remained until she smiled at him, and he looked at her with confusion at first, but then with comfort. He knew she wasn't here to give him anything more or less than simple company. Slowly, becoming more comfortable.. came smiles, laughs and little talks of their days. Both similar, stressful but strong. They both felt a sense of compatibility, that they both wanted to become more acquainted with. Sure enough they did.

 Everyday their first words to each other were nothing short of exciting. Feeling like no matter what were to happen from there, they would be just fine through anything. Overtime knowing each other's strengths, and weaknesses, neither ever felt alone for a second. It just felt right. His world was much different from hers, in that he was the warrior of many men. 

 She felt nervous, scared and uneasy to this change. With this new life she explored far beyond her normals of Azeroth. She and him spent limitless time together. With friends, and with each other  Killing enemies, and sharing the glorious moments together. It made them far more stronger as a team then they could have ever gotten before they were apart. Together, they were infinite.



  1. Sometimes I miss old Org. Looking at th screenshot think I can pinpoint the place.

    Great story though sure it is much more than just great for you

  2. So Gauss isn't a crazy maniac I call bullshit