Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You Thought You Were So Clever

Here we are the middle of the week and a perfect time to make a list about something. Since Halloween is just around the corner though I figured it was a great time to make a list about some of those games which scared the crap out of you. Now as always my opinion is my opinion but feel free to tell me why I am wrong.

5. Clock Tower

This game played like an actually horror movie. There isn't shooting and random violence like in most of the horror games out there. The main character is pretty helpless and the scare factor of this entire game is that of being discovered.

4. Resident Evil

Sure there have been many games since but to me none of them even compared to the scare factor of the original. As with every Resident Evil game the fear factor is never really knowing is if something is really dead.

3. Nightmare Creatures

When I was younger this game scared the crap out of me. The story happens becasue a cult of people thought they could get super powers but then they were morphed into these random abominations which are all over chasing you in endless swarms. Yes, this game messed me up.

2. Fatal Frame Crimson Butterfly

So this game is a whole new kind of creepy. Your only weapon against the monsters is your camera. Yes you have to take pictures of them and basically the only way to progress in this game is to let them get in your face rewarding your fear basically. Also there are two little girls in this game and their are not many things creepier then two little girls.

1. Silent Hill

There are creepy and scary games and then there is Silent Hill. This game is on a another level of messed up and scary. You really have had to experience it to really understand the emotions  you will go through while playing it. If you are interested be prepared and lights off makes it even better.

There you have it this week's list. As always like or dislike let me know.


  1. Never played clock tower but all the other I have had the pleasure. So because of that would add eternal darkness the second silent hill and the first fatal frame

  2. I generally steer away from creepy/scary stuff in general so I haven't played any of those but over the (many) years I have sucked it up and played a handful that had me on edge:

    1. Clive Barker's Undying
    2. Doom 3 (never did finish this one)
    3. Shivers, Phantasmagoria (Sierra's horror phase)
    4. The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour (Trilobyte's horror phase)
    And something a bit more modern:
    5. Alan Wake

    1. I thought about putting Doom 3 on the list. It does everything a creepy/scary game should. Clock Tower is basically a newer version of 7th guest since I think most would think 7th guest as the original horror game that was a succesful one

  3. I hope we're talking about Clock Tower on the original Playstation. If so then I can sum up the entire game in one single terrifying track.

  4. 2 words from silent hill "locker body".