Friday, October 25, 2013

N'Zothing Theory

So here we go another Friday which means another Reader Post coming your way. This week I received I lot of Blizzcon types guesses. I lot of theories on upcoming Warcraft Lore and the one I am going to share with you today is by far the most interesting. It was submitted by Babo7k and has to do with Old Gods and their role in Azeroth's Past and Future. A great read and all you lore types like myself should enjoy this one.

Since you are a lore guy figured I would send you some ideas or some quick speculation I've been thinking about. 

I have always had a theory about the Old Gods having manifested in Azeroth at separate times, and the longer they have been there, the more time they have had to merge with the planet, meaning the more powerful they become. Recently I have come up with a new theory.

N'Zoth was the first Old God to stumble upon infant Azeroth. When the Titans reclaimed the planet, they found that N'Zoth was so incorporated into the planet that he had actually become part of it. Because of this, they weren't able to do with him what they did with the others (Imprison or 'Kill'). So, they defeated him, cast him into a state of inertia (In the land of Ny'alotha there is only sleep...), and similar to what they did with the Elemental Planes, put him and the entire portion of Azeroth that he was part of into a separate realm. This realm would eventually be known as Ny'alotha. The entire thing was essentially asleep, and was located somewhere under the center of the original Kalimdor, where N'Zoth resided.

But the Titans didn't stop there. They saw the power that N'Zoth contained, and didn't want it to go wasted. So, they left the gateway INTO Ny'alotha open, which would eventually be discovered by Dark Trolls, and be called the Well of Eternity. Algalon tells us the Titans never expected the races of Azeroth to become as powerful and cunning as they have. They would have never thought they would somehow find a way to conjure enough arcane energy to potentially release N'Zoth, which is essentially what happened in the War of the Ancients. 

When the Well of Eternity blew up, what happens immediately after? Two things of vital importance: Azshara and her Highborne become Naga, and Xavius as a tree falls into the waters where the Well once was. I believe Xavius sworn allegiance to N'Zoth at this exact moment, for one reason. During the events of WC3, the Naga show themselves, and Malfurion is awakened from the Dream. The Nightmare and the Naga both appear at the same moment (The Nightmare most likely started spreading right after Malfurion left the Dream), and the fact that we know they both serve N'Zoth, can lead us to one conclusion; The Well of Eternity exploding woke N'Zoth up. 

Also, I know Deathwing was corrupted before this, but him being so incorporated with Azeroth kinda screwed him from the get go.

There you go. Thanks once again to Babo7k and everyone else who submitted something. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to see what Safiree has to say tomorrow.


  1. Some how some way I believe the Old Gods will be connected to the titans in some way. Maybe they were in charge beforehand and were pushed out. I just get the feeling there is more to the story

  2. This actually makes sense. Blizzard has said N'zoth is sleeping so maybe we will finally get to see the Naga creator