Wednesday, October 16, 2013

That's It

Sometimes we play games that while we are playing them we are so angry for the very fact that we are actually playing them. The game was hyped and we were let down to the point where we make it a point to tell anyone and everyone never to play that particular game. So this week's list I decided to go with my 5 most disappointing games I have ever played.

5. Bioshock 2

Bioshock was a great game and I enjoy it immensely. The ending was a little disappointing but not to the point where I didn't enjoy the game. In fact I was excited to play Bioshock 2 until I actually played it. I was so disappointed with this game I still have yet to play Bioshock Infinite which may even be up for game of the year. Yes I will never forget.

4. Mega Man X7

The Mega Man games where the games of the childhood. I played them countless times and they never got old. I could tell you what to use against what right now for pretty much any of the games. When the transition to X happened I was ok wiht it. Was a change but I still enjoyed the games. When X7 came around though I wish I could knock some sense into people. With all the things which were awful about this game nothing was worse then the voice acting it was almost as if they walked up to some random person o nthe street and asked them to do their worst possible impression of such an such and then put it into the damn game.

3. Devil May Cry 2

The game was cheesy and the combat was simplified to the point where the game was a joke in every aspect. Sure they made up for it in the 3rd installment but I know no one who thought this game wasn't a waste of time.

2. Metroid: Other M

So I never really was a Metroid fan. I had friends beg me to play them when I was younger and I did. I didn't hate the games but they weren't bad. They were everything I expected them to be. This game though is on my list of not only disappointing but worst games in the history of gaming. There is nothing good to say about this game.  An obvious story with plot which was uninteresting in every single way. Not to mention who the hell calls an operation Baby's Crying. Little really? That happened.

1. Lair

A launch game for the PS3. I was beyond excited to play this game. What can I say I love dragons. I honestly believe this game couldn't have been tested. explain how you can use a D pad and both analog sticks and shake the controller. Really this was a thing. Not to mention the framerates where all over the place. I have never been so disappointed in a game I tried so hard to get past its faults. I played it and played it and it never got better. Just seeing this games name makes me shake my head.

There they are I don't think anyone can argue about these being disappointing but you may have some which are more so. So let me have it.


  1. I will never buy a metroid game for this very reason. Used to love them but they ruined them.

  2. Didn't Lair put the company who made it out of business?

    1. Yes Lair was the last game Factor 5 made. All future games were canceled because the company shutdown. Sad really since Factor 5 did make some great games with LucasArts

  3. I love Devil May Cry but I completely agree the second was awful and it does hurt me to say so because it is one of my favorite series. I like to think they learned from their mistakes though and that is why the 3rd game was nothing short of amazing.