Thursday, October 17, 2013

Not A Vampire

So here Safiree and I were wondering what we were going to be playing. You know those moments when you want to do something but really have no clue what you are going to do and want someone else to decide it for you. Although you have no problem at all shutting down everything the other person suggests. Well that was me the other day.

Then I thought why don't we play Magicka. Always looked interesting in the weirdest way possible and who doesn't like a game that makes fun of all the things you love about gaming? Also being able to randomly kill the person  you are playing with is always a plus when they piss you off or when you just feel like stealing their weapon. Why? Because I saw it first and you shouldn't have picked it up.

So we have just been messing around for the past few days trying to progress when we don't feel like randomly killing one another. The game although not the hardest game ever does offer some challenge besides the urge to take out your frustrations on other players.

You will be hard pressed to find a game which makes you laugh at someone else blowing you to bits. I always seem to find it hard to not aim my beam at my fellow players the explosions just look so beautiful. Also who doesn't enjoy killing quest givers who aren't really quest givers? I know this isn't much of a story but really I have just been having fun doing the most random of things because frankly it makes no sense. I am not even getting mad because it was hilarious to watch my little Vivi lookalike fly 50 feet in the air before landing on a bomb which blew the pieces of my corpse back into the air from where it came.

Who knows maybe I may have a real story in a day or two but really so much hilarity and stupidity is happening makes it nearly impossible to keep track.

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  1. Sounds like a good time maybe I will check it out. Steam?