Monday, October 21, 2013

The Game Formerly Known as "Blizzard All-Stars"

Oh here we go again. Monday Morning... Normally I would just link you something for Machinima Monday and be done with it. Why? Because Monday's suck and it is a way to start the week off easy. It isn't too often though something I could share for Machinima Monday is also an announcement. Just another reason why Carbot is that awesome. Now this is created by Carbot, but was made for Blizzard specially. You see it was at the last Blizzcon where we were introduced to a game being created called "Blizzard Dota" then went on to change its name to "Blizzard Allstars" because of some legal issues with the word Dota. This leaves us to where we are today and the realize of this animation created by Carbot. So sit back and enjoy.

I actually could careless what the name is as long as I can  play Tassadar...

What can I say he's awesome

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  1. Nice still like Blizzard Allstars better but I can live with it.